Good sources of snacks

I was on WW but it is not working for me, or more to the point I was not working it. But what I did enjoy was the community and the way members shared any good finds at the grocery store or Vostco.

Hoping this thread will inspire some sharing!

It I may, I’ll start if off with my current fave....Built Bars
110 cal. 4 g sugar. 6 g fibre. 4 g fat 15g protein


  • kimny72
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    Fiber One Brownies. 90-110 cals, and a nice little hit of fiber, but not so much you regret eating it :smile:
  • LushFix
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    For me pretty much anything can be a snack in portions that fit my own goals . But some of the things I have are.

    -Apple/sugar snap peas and reconstituted powdered peanut butter.

    - frozen berries, soy yoghurt and a tablespoon or so of Meusli or granola.

    - Slice of toast with a small amount of peanut butter, avocado or jam.

    Chocolate Vega protein powder with unsweetened almond milk.

    I usually try to have a glass of water before a snack or meal and finish it with a cup of clear tea.