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What's your favorite workout song(s)?

Cardio --> Anything Rihanna & Money - Cardi B
Weights --> March Madness - Future

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  • lemonwater1
    lemonwater1 Posts: 72 Member
    I like to listen to pitbull while I run lol
  • RowingBill
    RowingBill Posts: 36 Member
    Puddle of Mudd...Blurry
  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,073 Member
    Feel Invincible...Skillet
  • Chelle8070
    Chelle8070 Posts: 163 Member
    Kanye: Mercy, I love it and monster
    Britney Spears: Work B*tch, 3, Til the world ends, womanizer, gimme more
    Cardi: Bodak Yellow (for weights and/or warm up), I like it, money, Get up 10
    Nicki Minaj: Roman's Revenge, Starships, Superbass
    David Guetta: Sexy B*tch, Where them girls at, Club can't handle me

    Other randoms:
    Victorious - Panic at the disco
    Black Betty - Ram Jam
    Various Prodigy

    And so so so much more!
  • dolliesdaughter
    dolliesdaughter Posts: 545 Member
    Trap music, it isn't for the easily offended. I only listen at home in my basement working out, never out in public.
  • xxxMADMAXxxx
    xxxMADMAXxxx Posts: 218 Member
    Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song"
    The Jam Project's "Hero" (Ikareru Ken ni Honō o Tsukeru)
    Muse (Hysteria, Plug In Baby, Stockholm Syndrome)
    Aoi's "Ignite"

    Soundtracks: Game of Thrones, Mad Max, Two Steps from Hell, Collateral, etc.
    K-Pop (no, really) Tons and tons of K-pop
  • ExistingFish
    ExistingFish Posts: 1,188 Member
    For cardio (I don't do a lot of cardio, mostly warmups) Limbo - Daddy Yankee. It just gets me happy and moving.

    For lifting:
    Til I collapse - Eminem
    X Gonna give it to you - DMX
  • MikePTY
    MikePTY Posts: 3,819 Member
    I'm pretty old school. I like something like Eye of the Tiger or The Final Countdown to pump me up.

    Oh, and Taki Taki.
  • RunnerGrl1982
    RunnerGrl1982 Posts: 412 Member
    Just some of the songs on my current running playlist:

    Movement | Oliver Tree
    The Violence | Rise Against
    Welcome to the Black Parade | My Chemical Romance
    2 Heads | Coleman Hell
    Devil | Shinedown
    Legendary | Welshly Arms
    Valkyrie | Battle Tapes
    Slay | Trevor Moran
    Chainsmoking | Jacob Banks
    Over My Head | Judah and the Lion
    Survivor | 2WEI
  • amybg1
    amybg1 Posts: 652 Member
    For Lifting: Glitch Mob.
  • JacqueB01
    JacqueB01 Posts: 1 Member
    Anything with a banging beat... lil Wayne, DMX, Sean Paul, lil Jon, dirty money. Won't let you stop. 😆
  • rcp916
    rcp916 Posts: 5 Member
    Glitch Mob “we can make the world stop” for cardio is the bomb
  • adotbaby
    adotbaby Posts: 199 Member
    I have Muse and U2, the rhythms match my stride pretty well. My all-time favorite, tho, is "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer.
  • OldAssDude
    OldAssDude Posts: 1,436 Member
    One extremely cold windy day I was running during my lunch break. I turned onto a trail that was like a wind tunnel. The wind hit me head on like a freight train.

    I had my headphones on, and as soon as I got hit by that wind, Bob Seger: "Running Against The Wind" came on.

    It was like perfect timing.

    So I guess Bob Seger: "Running Against The Wind". :)