Do you carry less water weight as you slim down?

Hi everyone. Just curious as to whether there is a limit to what water weight we can carry depending on our BMI. I used to carry around 8 to 5lb water weight after a calorie laden, salty meal. I know it was water weight as I weigh myself most days and it shifted after a day or 2. Nowadays, since losing 5 stone, I only seem to carry an extra 2 to 5lbs, which is great but I'm not sure if it is water weight and I actually weigh less than I think. I don't weigh every day now and do consume quite a bit sodium most days. I am still trying to lose a little more, say 7lbs but have been maintaining since christmas. Not complaining as I am so close to GW and am satisfied with the amount of food I am eating so know I can maintain easily (as long as I'm using this app). Thanks.


  • jesspen91
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    I've actually found the opposite. Well sort of. My water weight after a salty meal or a few beers is generally about 4-5lbs. This hasn't changed as I've lost weight but these days are more noticeable to me as proportionally it's a bigger gain and I feel more bloated and heavy.
  • californiagirl2012
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    It actually does depend on body weight and so many other factors:
    -body weight
    -how much water consumed in the past few days
    -how much and what type of food eaten
    -carbs hold more water
    -food in your digestive track has weight
    -hormone cycles
    -other electrolyte balance intra and extra cell fluids.
    -glycogen stores in muscles and liver
    -the fluid solution in the body flows in and out of the fat cells to, but that gets back to body weight right?

  • RelCanonical
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    I haven't really tracked that sort of thing, but I have noticed that water weight gain is much more noticeable at a lower weight, whether it's actually more weight or not. I finally understand what my friends meant when they said they had a "food baby" when they would get bloated after a heavy meal.
  • collectingblues
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    Actually the opposite -- and that's what the scientific literature says, too. People who are slimmer and more muscular have more of a tendency to carry more water weight, because that muscle mass is what can really pack on the water weight.
  • layladrew26
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    Yes I agree it is more noticable now I am slimmer. Sometimes my tummy will stick out more than usual and feel a bit more flabby. Thanks for your replies x