Strength training tips?

I have been going to the gym consistently for awhile, but I usually just do fitness classes or go straight to the cardio machines. I also used to swim competitively, and so I do that as a workout occasionally as well. I’ve wanted to get into strength training, but have no clue where to start! Does anyone have any suggestions/go-to workouts for specific muscle groups (either at the gym, or at home)?


  • From9five
    From9five Posts: 60 Member
    Starting strength or 5x5 are pretty easy to follow. Either are a good way to build baseline strength and get proficient at the most basic movements, which will be a solid lead into any body building, powerlifting, or weightlifting program you ultimately decide to move into.
  • Chelle8070
    Chelle8070 Posts: 165 Member
    Find “fitness programming by cvg” on Facebook. Amazingggg group of women all into strength training/CrossFit! Plus they have cool clothes.
  • jnomadica
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    I really enjoyed New Rules of Lifting for Women when I started. Helped me feel like I had some clue what I was doing, and I made a lot of progress. Good luck!
  • sierrans2210
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    Thanks everyone! Will take all suggestions under consideration :)
  • edjfreeman61
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    Try various strength training methods and find what you enjoy. I train with a multitude of methods, running, cycling, indoor rowing, HIIT, kettlebells, free weights, circuit training but what I really find is I never get bored.