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Macros Struggle

caitpgrahamcaitpgraham Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
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I was vegan/vegetarian for the majority of my adult life. Never really been a huge meat eater my entire life.
Now that I am focusing on losing fat and building muscle this has become a problem for me. I eat waaaaay more meat than I ever have before in my life, I incorporate whey, dairy, eggs (even though I hate them), plain greek yogurt and many other things throughout my day with protein. I NEVER meet my protein goal though. I'm usually lacking anywhere from 30g to even 100g of protein a day. I can only tolerate around 1600 base calories per day + whatever I burn during my workouts. So basically I'm under 2000 daily.
The other issue is while I'm doing well on carb goals, I always go significantly over on fat. Albeit usually very healthy fats (olive oil, nut butters, avocado etc...) why is this so hard? Any advice for someone who literally know next to nothing?


  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Posts: 20,809Member Member Posts: 20,809Member Member
    What is your protein goal? Lacking 100 grams of protein makes it seem as if your protein goal is really high. You shouldn't have to eat foods you hate in order to meet your goals.
  • FflpnariFflpnari Posts: 728Member Member Posts: 728Member Member
    can you open you diary so we can take a look?
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