Changing eating habits but don't know where to start

I am wanting to start eating better. I weigh 360 lbs and decided its time to change my eating habits. I don't know where to start though. I have no idea how to meal prep or even make a grocery list for anything lol. Does anyone have any tips to help me get started. I am a terrible cook as well so im completely lost on all this. Ive always just ate the same and tried to exercise. I am realizing now exercise and junk food doesn't equal weight loss goals met. Thanks yall


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    The energy requirement just to maintain 360 pounds is fairly high so as @zeejane03 says small cuts like starting to eliminate sodas, replacing a dessert with fruit, or replacing a high calorie snack with low calorie popcorn is a good place to start. Notice I said "OR" in that last sentence because you may not have to do all 3.

    The first phase of any weight loss effort really comes down to survival and you want that to be as easy as possible. You don't want to be hoping you get through this fast so you can get back to normal you want THIS to feel as close to normal as possible. As you make this your new normal you will be losing weight and able to handle more changes as needed. In a year you may find yourself eating very differently than you do today but it will be done with tiny changes over time.

    While people can lose weight without learning to cook I do think it is a beneficial skill to develop. You don't have to be a great cook to fix many food items you only need to be a fair cook that can keep an eye on things. Is there anything you feel comfortable cooking now? Something like scrambled eggs maybe? What do you find happens when you do try? When it turns out badly what do you think is the main cause?
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    All the advice on here is great. You may not cook but I would check out youtube and some cooking websites. I was an ok cook but have made some amazing recipes I didn't think I could from watching a video walk through. I don't even make complicated recipes. I reject any that look too complicated or have more ingredients than I am comfortable with. I also bake 5 chicken breasts in the beginning of the week so I have some on hand if I am too lazy to make dinner or lunch. It's been a few weeks since I started eating healthier and just started on this site but I have to say making my own food and learning new, very simple but yummy, recipes makes me feel more in control and confident than I have felt in many MANY years.
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    Good advice so far, and my advice is to just start small. It can be overwhelming to try to learn about logging, cooking, and weighing foods...along with trying to change the types of food you eat all at once. Listen, all that really matters is you need to eat less than you have been to lose weight. That is true whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to lose. The difference is that people who only have 10 pounds to lose have to be a lot more precise, so weighing on a food scale and logging every little bite becomes much more important. When you have a large weight loss goal, you can make very small, less precise changes and make a lot of progress. My advice is to start small. Just eat the same foods you have been while cutting back on the portion sizes. That will work for awhile, and then you can post here again when you're ready for the next step. It sure can't hurt if you want to eat some salads or fresh fruits and veggies now--but you can add those in as you feel ready and just work on the smaller goal of reducing portion sizes to get started. You can do this!
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    When people say "start small" I think it means "start with what's easy for you" Pick a few things you can do that are personally easy for you to do, and then do them. You don't have to make drastic changes in the beginning, just a few you can have success with achieving. Maybe it's drinking more fluids or switching to lower fat dairy, or adding more fish to your meal plan. After a week, find another habit to modify or add -- before you know it, these little things add up, you'll see results, and you'll have much better eating habits. what's left are the really hard ones but by then you should have some success which gives good motivation to make the harder changes.
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    Some people here would recommend spending a week or two simply tracking what you normally eat, rather than trying to make a significant cut right away. Use the app or the FOOD tab to watch what your intake normally is. Then start making choices to lower the average calories per day.

    You also can go into your settings and set exiting weight + goal weight, and it will assign you a calorie amount to net each day.