Help for a Friend - Eating Plan

Hi all I need some help from the community. I am writing on behalf of a female friend.
She is a 5'3 135lb age 35 female. Who wants to get down to about 125lbs or so.
In recent times, she has been loosing weight. However in wrong ways.
She is more less starving herself. Just eating some odd soups and fruits here and there.

She just recently had an episode of the shakes. More less almost like a diabetic. But i know it was due to low sugar, and of course she had not eaten anything in many hours prior.
When she was 25. she was pregnant and had a minor diabetics , that went away after she was no longer pregnant.

She thinks she just needs meds. I really think and its quite obvious what she needs. is to learn to eat proper. Now she has many allergies to many types of foods.

What I ask i know she wants to get petit size and all. But i dont want her to be starving herself. and it alters her mood too.

Is it possible for her to get to 125lbs in a healthy way? she doesnt have lots of time to exercise, but what type of eating plan should i suggest to her. That way she can loose , weight, yet have the proper nutrition. So she is not starving and learn to live feeling good.
her goal is for beginning of june.

Suggestions please? she thinks she needs meds from doctor. but i think this can all be done naturally with diet . Thanks to the community if you took time to read this. I really appreciate any feedback.


  • janejellyroll
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    To lose ten pounds all she needs is to eat at a deficit. She can put her stats into MFP, pick a reasonable weight loss goal (.5 pounds a week), and then eat the number of calories suggested. No special eating plan necessary.

    She should probably get her shakes checked out by a doctor since she has a history of gestational diabetes.
  • kimny72
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    She just needs to eat enough to lose the weight at a reasonable pace and not starve herself. With so little to lose she should be aiming for 0.5lbs per week, which is a 250 calorie deficit per day. She doesn't have to follow a specific diet, she can eat whatever she wants, though prioritizing nutritious foods can help stick to your calorie goal. It sounds like she is eating very low fat and low protein and way too few calories.
  • worldtraveller321
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    would it be better for her, if i suggested she increase her protein? but keep low fat?
  • pinuplove
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    She is roughly my size - I'm 5'2.5 and 131 pounds. At this stage, it is just sloooow. She needs to set her expectations accordingly. 1/2 pound per week, at the most. I'm losing even more slowly than that, and even those losses are often obscured by cyclic water weight fluctuations.
  • worldtraveller321
    worldtraveller321 Posts: 150 Member