I am soooo confused

Is it really just CICO or is keto the answer? Vegan? Low carb? So many conflicting viewpoints and everyone has extremely convincing arguments.


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    For fat loss (or weight loss over the long term), it's just about the energy equation (CICO).
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    What are your goals? Is it weight loss? Do you have any medical conditions that dietary changes may impact? What foods fill you up? What foods do you enjoy?
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    you can use any diet rule, lets take low carb for example. I do low carb, i do a maximum of 75-100g of carbs a day (I couldn't do keto!) but i still apply the CICO on top of that. calories in calories out still account for the whole diet. you often find people might go on a low carb diet thinking 'the carbs in this are 0/so low I can have so much of this and not get fat! totally untrue. you will get fat, because, calories. ultimately, CICO is something needing to be applied to all diets, regardless of the rule, whether its high fat or low cab or Keto, or whatever.

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    Food is energy--your body burns it. That's CICO. Counting calories can show you how much you're putting in, then you adjust to lose, maintain, or gain weight. If you need to lose, you have a choice of how to cut your calories. The most common are keto, vegan, calorie counting, IF,..... All of these can be effective. You have to decide what fits your lifestyle and health needs. Best of luck.
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    So much to know!!!! Yikes! I’m 50! Never dieted, much. But the pounds keep creep up. I want to lose 50lbs by Halloween. If I have an autoimmune issue should I see a nutritionist! Are they really that helpful? I’m cynical.
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    Is it really just CICO or is keto the answer? Vegan? Low carb? So many conflicting viewpoints and everyone has extremely convincing arguments.

    Eat the food you can commit to for the long haul, have a goal in mind, and ensure you are eating to achieve that. If that happens to be buckets of oil and butter with some veggie vitamins, great. If it is nothing but Oreos, great.

    It is as simple as CICO for weight loss.

    How you feel, and what that weight looks like will be different, however. I would not recommend the Oreo diet plan.
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    While most of what people here are saying has truths to it, losing weight is so much more complicated that calories in /calories out. I used to believe that too. And until I turned 50, it seemed to work for me. Then pre-menopause hit, and no matter what I did, I was GAINING weight. Don't preach, because you wont find anyone thats not an elite athlete that eats and works out better than me. I ate mostly Mediterranean diet/no red meat all my life. Clean eating. As soon as my hormones started going wonky a couple yrs ago, all bets were off. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING helped. I run half marathons at least once per year. 12 weeks of training and wouldn't lose a single pound.

    I got married 2 years ago, and wanted to look good for my wedding. I was carrying about 10 pounds more than I wanted. So I went to a nutritionist 2 months bf the wedding, frustrated bc I was training again for a half marathon, and wasn't seeing weight loss, in fact i was gaining weight. We decided to do Keto. He suggested I not run the half mara, and to just walk and do weights. So I pulled back on my working out (calories out) and followed keto with his help. I lost the 10 pounds in time for the wedding and felt and looked great! PS - my skin never looked better than when i was on Keto either.

    Then, I went off keto and back to just clean eating. The weight creeped back up. In Jan 2019, I was 12-15 pds more than I wanted to be. Instead of Keto, I decided to start recording my food again (1200/day), and commit to working out 5 days/week (cardio and weights + yoga). From Jan - Mar, I lost nothing. NOTHING! My body did not want to give up the weight ( likely bc of hormones).

    Last week, I was so fed up that I decided to go back to Keto and record everything (food, energy, exercise, measurements, weight and ketone levels throughout the day). Thus far, its been 5 days. I've lost 5 pounds and 1/2 inch in my waist, hips and thighs (where I tend to hold weight). I've been in mild-optimal ketosis since day 2 (0.7 -1.4 mmol). It's working great. Perhaps Keto is not for the average person, but if you struggle a lot with losing weight, are pre/post menopausal, or have certain diseases that have been shown to be helped by Keto, I'd do it. See a Nutritionist for a few visits to get the right information (lots is crap on the interwebs). Good luck!

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    Is it really just CICO or is keto the answer? Vegan? Low carb? So many conflicting viewpoints and everyone has extremely convincing arguments.

    it's not one or the other. all the things you list after CICO (keto, vegan, low carb) are WAYS OF EATING with which you can lose, maintain or gain on. to stay in the lose side of things you need to eat less than you burn (CICO).
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    Weight loss comes down to being at the correct calorie deficit for your weight loss goals. All dieting plans are based on that truth. How you go about creating that calorie deficit is up to you-if you think a more structured plan that has rules/restrictions, like keto, is something that would work best for you then give it a try and see how it goes. Or, if you think having a bit more flexibility would work best, you can try straight calorie counting/tracking which is what MFP is set up for.

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    Is it really just CICO or is keto the answer? Vegan? Low carb? So many conflicting viewpoints and everyone has extremely convincing arguments.

    CICO simply means you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. That is science.
    All the different diets are just different ways to get into a calorie deficit, and while you don't need a diet at all to achieve a calorie deficit, some people find different diets make it easier for them or make them feel better.

    It's really not more complicated than that :smile:
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    The one good thing about the low carb/Keto is that I'm not nearly as hungry all the time as I have been with just straight calorie counting.
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    CICO is the priority. How you achieve that is completely up to you and how it makes you feel, and fits in with your lifestyle. The best option is to find an approach that works for you and that is easily adaptable when you are wanting to move to maintenance so you don't have to start over with a new plan