Does anyone have a special piece of clothing they want to fit into?



  • puffbrat
    puffbrat Posts: 2,806 Member
    I have a whole wardrobe I'm trying to get back into. There is one dress in particular that is white with black stripes. I wore it for my courthouse wedding and still like to put it on for special occasions. I think I'm at least 20lbs away from it fitting again, though.
  • grimendale
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    I have a closet full of awesome shirts that I bought the last time I lost weight. I miss wearing them.
  • JetJaguar
    JetJaguar Posts: 801 Member
    I have some embarrassingly expensive race-fit cycling kit I'd like to get into once again.
  • ExistingFish
    ExistingFish Posts: 1,259 Member
    I got rid of all my smaller clothes when I decided to accept that I'd be a Large or bigger for the rest of my life, probably about 6 months before I decided to lose weight and get in shape. My reasoning was that I'd want to buy fresh, new clothes when I lost weight.

    I mean, I was right. But I also don't have a lot of money for new clothes, so I am wearing some of the same clothes (medium shirts from last summer, while I was larger) and a few pair of pants in smaller sizes. I decided not to spend money on fall/winter clothes and just wait for spring, so I will be budgeting in some new clothes purchases for the summer.
  • BattyKnitter
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    I have 2 bins of old clothes that I slowly added to over the years as I "outgrew" my clothes. Every time I lose about 5lbs I pull the 2 out and try on the stuff I was close to fitting into last time. Some of the clothes have been donated but I have re-found some gems! A lot of stuff barely got worn and a few items never as they were just a bit too tight when I bought them but figured I was only a few pounds away and surely I would lose those pounds. I'm now down to 1 bin and just a few items in the second bin! I can't wait to have those 2 bins emptied!!

    I've been donating my too big stuff as soon as they don't fit except for a few favourite/good quality things I would like to get tailored.
  • nk9o
    nk9o Posts: 60 Member
    My motorcycle jacket and a few vests.
  • lilithsrose
    lilithsrose Posts: 752 Member
    I kept a few nice items from when I was a little smaller. I kept a few of my favorite shirts and a dress that I really like. I would love to be able to fit back into them.

    I would need to lose about 35 pounds to fit in those again.
  • clicketykeys
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    My favorite dress. It's SO pretty. It's going to be a real challenge, as I'll have to be on the thinner/fitter side of a healthy weight to get it to close without straining the seams.
  • Ddub2020
    Ddub2020 Posts: 16 Member
    A button up blouse. My tummy sticks out so I have to buy them so big they look like smocks.
  • InspectorRed
    InspectorRed Posts: 757 Member
    about 4 years ago I lost 50 lbs, at the end of 2017 I bought a size 5/6 pair of jeans, I wore them to a Kid Rock Concert that New Year's Eve and wore them a few more times, but in 2018 I slowly began putting weight back on and I can no longer wear those jeans. I didn't stop "working out" as I was on the treadmill more days than not, but I wasn't watching what I was eating closely enough and the treadmill really wasn't working for me anymore (I gained about 30 lbs last year. ) Luckily we have a new gym in the town where I work and I am now on week 2 of a 12 week weight lifting/cardio program and I am logging my calories here so I can wear those size 5/6 jeans again! Plus 2 of my children are getting married this year, my son in 5 weeks and my daughter in the fall, so I would really like to wear nice dresses to both weddings.
  • jlynnm70
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    YES! I have goal pants in my drawer - they are Converse jeans - size 2. I LOVE converse anything and stumbled on these jeans at a thrift store for $2 - So I bought them (at the time I was about a 6!) they've been in my drawer for a LONG time -but I refuse to get rid of them (have lots of other stuff that has gotten too small or too big -but not these - not til I can actually wear them in public!!

    (One time I got them on and zipped - but breathing was not an option!)
  • lacwest6605
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    I have suitcases full of clothes I bought when I lost a good deal of weight a few years ago. I lost focus and gained all the weight back and more. Now I’m trying again.
  • MamaRiss
    MamaRiss Posts: 481 Member
    I have some summer clothes that I would love to wear this summer; dresses, skirts, capris, even a bikini that I bought for inspiration last year
  • Dgil1975
    Dgil1975 Posts: 110 Member
    Simple item for me. Under my bed I have plastic storage container full of my old clothes that all fit about 6 years ago. I went through it recently to see if there was anything I would want as I get closer to my old size. In it I found this well worn Jimi Hendrix T-shirt that I loved wearing, it still doesn’t fit, but I can see myself wearing it by summer.
  • Momepro
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    Not anymore. I got rid of all those. There's a soft sweater from Costco that was smaller than I thought it would be, but not a specific goal to wear.
  • MarieRosekenji85
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    A small wardrobe of size 13/14's I'm working my way back into from a starting size of 18, currently size 16