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Friends 200-250lbs ..Let’s get to 199 together!!



  • cmq1987
    cmq1987 Posts: 7 Member
    I'm so glad I've found this thread! Starting keto for the gazillionth time, I never seem to get the results others do but it's the WOE that suits me best. Hoping to get it right this time!

    SW 240
    CW 233
    GW 159

    Please feel free to add me and any keto tips greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • blueday617
    blueday617 Posts: 50 Member
    Hi everyone! I'd love to join this group. I've been meaning to lose weight for the summer and I've realized I'm running out of time. I started three weeks ago.

    SW 255
    CW 244
    Goal by end of May: 225

    I've got a few festivals/ outside activities planned for the summer and I want to be able to actually do them without being so sweaty and out of breath.

    I'm also looking for new friends so please feel free to add me.

    Let's do this! :smiley:
  • skf1201
    skf1201 Posts: 116 Member
    berky06 wrote: »
    Back in November I was 196-the lowest I have ever been in about 30 years! Not making excuses, but the holidays came (and went) when I weighed in January I had gained 11 pounds. Here it is the first day of Spring and I'm still struggling to get back to that weight. I kicked butt so hard and I had lost almost 50 pounds from Jan-November of last year. I can't seem to get myself back into that frame of mind....

    I’m with you Berky06. I’ve been on a journey with food my entire life. I’m now 51 and in the midst of menopause! Weight comes on just smelling food. I’ve had an eating disorder that put me at 112 lbs and I’m 5’7”. I guess that was too thin. I’m my heaviest now at 188. Started 3 months ago at 200. I’m back into my old eating habits and wanting to eat everything in site. Making this weight loss difficult. I too cannot get back in a healthy state of mind. Congratulations on your 50 lbs weight loss!! I just bet you’ll get that right frame of mind back when the time is right. It’s hard riding the waves out though isn’t it. We’re in this together and with all the other awesome people in this group. Go big Red!! I’m a Nebraska girl. Where we just experienced massive flooding and now FEMA is here.

  • Mawnstroe
    Mawnstroe Posts: 17 Member
    JustaJoe00 wrote: »
    I like this! I seem to be the only guy so i lost or am i good to join? lol
    i'm at 227 . 199 is the number for me!!

    Nope, not the only dude in here, there are a few of us! Welcome!!!
  • Nikki76mfp
    Nikki76mfp Posts: 8 Member
    I was August 2018 275lbs
    Currently 242.5lbs

    So I have along way to go. But support etc on the way would be good x
  • _bombshell2be_
    _bombshell2be_ Posts: 39 Member
    I’m so excited to have all my new friends from this group!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • New_me_19
    New_me_19 Posts: 40 Member
    hey all, i started in June 2018 at 258lbs. My CW is 213 and GW is 155. im on daily you can add me as a friend if you would like
  • mruggby
    mruggby Posts: 4 Member
    edited March 2019
    Hi! New Me, I’m right around your old starting weight, so you’re a bit ahead of me. Congrats on the weight loss!🎉🏆💐
  • Craig_King_1967
    Craig_King_1967 Posts: 93 Member
    edited March 2019
    Hi all, just starting, again !! Coming in at 248lb so a round 50lb loss needed I think, 49 just doesn't sound right. Got the right mindset, got the target, getting the motivation and hopefully the support too.
    Feel free to add me, always happy to accept new friends.
  • Mary32616
    Mary32616 Posts: 9 Member
    edited March 2019
    I’m in! I just weighed myself today and I’m at 242 😱 it’s the heaviest I’ve ever been and I need motivation and support for sure!!! Good luck everyone! Feel free to add me as a friend!
  • Tessa2511
    Tessa2511 Posts: 4 Member
    IN! I'm 247 and want to be 165. My closest goal is to just get back down to 220 and then 195. I've gained so much weight since 2014. UGH
  • Kelly0572
    Kelly0572 Posts: 50 Member
    I'm in, feel free to add me!!! I'm currently 232. And would be happy to achieve 170. I was down to 205 a few months ago and fell off the wagon but I'm back and I'm doing this
  • stemoo67
    stemoo67 Posts: 2 Member
    51 year old male from the UK. Have always had a good appetite but was always in decent shape until i hit 30. Work became less physical, stopped training for and playing football etc. Appetite however still remained the same, so weight and physique increased. Over the last 20 years I've tried numerous ways and fad diets to lose weight, usually with good progress at the start but ending up weighing heavier than i started by the end.
    After 20 years of weight fluctuation, trying to eat foods i didn't like and depriving myself of foods i like (always ends in failure), i found myfitnesspal. Really has been an eye opener for me. First thing i noticed was that the so called healthy foods (not disputing any of their benefits to the body) doesn't always mean low calorie. I recently bought this wholegrain and quinoa packet (tasted awful) as a side dish, it had as many calories as 3 average sized baked potatoes and many more than a large fries from mcdonalds. I have also noticed that some foods I thought were fattening are not, really is worth studying if you have the time.
    I have now linked an activity tracker to myfitnesspal. The more calories i earn through exercise the more i can eat and still lose weight. It feels similar to the way it was before i was 30, just with a little more thought of the food i eat, as at present i can't reach the same level of exercise as i did back then. So i can't i spend my life in burger bars and pizza joints and do generally try to eat a more balanced evening meal (approx 600 calories), but if i have the time for say a 1 hour ride on my bike (roughly 600 calories gained) i might swap that meal for something i find more appealing but not always.
    Some lucky people really enjoy eating broccoli, kale and cauliflower etc, some can tolerate it, others like me can't stand it. If you fall in to the latter category like myself, don't build your weight loss program around it, you will fail. Use myfitnesspal to help you find alternative healthy foods that you can eat.
    If you fancy a pizza and or tiramisu, you can have it. Try to earn it if possible, but if not, just remember not to turn a bad day into a bad week and especially not into a bad month.

    SW 250
    CW 228
    GW When i look in a mirror and say that'll do
  • skf1201
    skf1201 Posts: 116 Member
    During my walks I enjoy the quiet time it gives me to talk with Jesus. Today He brought to mind this reminder- we are each designed on purpose for His purpose. We are each unique and beautiful in His eyes. We need not let a number on a scale or a pant size define us. Take time to celebrate you and how amazing you are. The rest will come when it’s time. I’m going to work on finding ways to celebrate whose I am and who I am this week. May you each find ways to celebrate the amazing YOU this week🌟you’re doing awesome and will reach your goals in His timing. Enjoy the journey along the way. Have a great week!
  • val9471
    val9471 Posts: 11 Member
    Count me in too! I just weighed in at 215 and it’s the heaviest I’ve ever been! I’d like to be down to 150. I started running again which is really something I haven’t done in 2 years. I want to run a 10k by the end of the summer.
  • pkksmama
    pkksmama Posts: 58 Member
    Looking for support. I’m 225 and want to get to 185. Just had a baby and looking to get new friends on here to help motivate. I lost 100 lbs with my now 8 year old daughter with MFP but had lots of friends on here then. Now I have none. Add me!!
  • gaby_gz1988
    gaby_gz1988 Posts: 18 Member
    I keep restarting. I don’t know how to stay motivated!! I started at 224 in January and am currently around 216 (I forgot to weigh myself this morning). I am hoping to stick to it this time around..
  • walterm852
    walterm852 Posts: 409 Member
    SW 235
    CW 223
    Goal 190

    add me
  • New_me_19
    New_me_19 Posts: 40 Member
    Hi all... I have 65lbs to loose to get to goal weight. I'm currently at 213. But I have sorta hit a wall started eating junk food again.. so I'm trying push forward again.

    Add me if you would like we can kick these pounds away together :)
  • mamaofscj
    mamaofscj Posts: 24 Member
    Last week I printed out some inspirational quotes and sayings related to weight loss, eating better and fitness. I took those print outs and put them up in my workout room. When I’m on the elliptical and bike, or doing floor exercises I look at those inspirational quotes and think about how I felt when I was picking which ones to print. I think about what is currently motivating me and how good I know I will feel once I get to my Goal weight.

    What’s one this week that has worked you?