Third Shift

emi21gett Posts: 1 Member
Does anyone work the third shift and have a hard time maintaining weight? I am not perfect but I fluctuate quite a bit. I have changed my workout style 3 times this year. I weight and track my food, I was loosely for a few months but now back on track. Just wondering if I am the only one?


  • GimmeAMalt
    GimmeAMalt Posts: 83 Member
    I don’t work “third shift” but I do work late hours some nights and the temptation to eat junk is always super high late at night. I find that if I don’t have food ready to eat when I get home, I’ll get fast food every time. I succeed some nights and fail miserably others. This is why i struggle with my weight. It fluctuates back and forth about 15 pounds
  • Bucknutz247
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    I read an article about a month ago about the lack of sunshine can make it harder to lose weight. Seems possible.
  • Sunshine_And_Sand
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    I don't anymore but did spend several years on third shift after college.
    I actually had an easier time maintaining weight and losing it when I wanted to when I was on third shift. I had a super busy job then though and often wasn't able to eat lunch. When I got home I was usually exhausted enough that I just went to sleep instead of eating.
    Now when there was free food in the break room before the shift started, I always ate some, it just wasn't that often so it didn't hurt my progress