I never knew before I started that ________________.



  • kam3190
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    I never knew how much just logging my food would help me realise how much I was actually eating. Im a decently active person with a pretty high tdee and the sheer volume of food I was eating was shocking.
  • RelCanonical
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    I never knew before I started that I was a horrible judge of how much I ate in a week. I would just kind of purchase and graze mindlessly before, and it was easier to overstock on cheese and tortillas and pasta because they didn't go bad very quickly, unlike fresh vegetables. Now I math out just how many avocados I need and at what ripeness they should be so I get a nicely ripe avocado every day of the week.
  • AmyC2288
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    I never knew that it would take so long.

    I also never knew that I had it in me to become a consistent gym-goer for almost an entire year.
  • RelCanonical
    RelCanonical Posts: 3,882 Member
    Embarrassing to admit this, but I never knew before I started that our bodies needed x amount of calories just for normal activities like moving around, breathing, etc.

    I mean, obviously I knew we couldn't just never eat & be healthy. But I had no idea if the "proper" amount of calories for me was like 600 or 2,300. NO CLUE at all...

    I didn't really learn it until college. I had a nutrition class as my required "science class with a lab" and it was incredibly enlightening regarding how our bodies actually use food. That basis was huge, and I can see how there would be major gaps without it. Anatomy in high school just didn't cover stuff like this.
  • puffbrat
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    I never knew that I was so bad at determining what I was actually eating
    I never knew that I would be interesting in lifting heavy.
    I never knew that calorie counting would make me feel in control of my weight. For various reasons I still have a lot of small ups and downs, as well as a few starts and stops with new highest ever weights. But calorie counting helps me understand how I get to those points, what emotions are driving that, and what I need to do to get my weight where I want. Fad diets made me feel out of control or like I was just a victim to my body.
  • shaumom
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    I never knew that I would have a much easier, and more successful, weight loss experience with exercising to increase calorie output rather than dieting to lower calorie intake.
  • Keto_Vampire
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    Aiming for a set # for bodyweight is a very flawed goal when there are much better measurements to strive for...waist circumference, hip, thigh, shoulder, chest, neck ratios to height and general body composition (mirror over needing to hit an exact BF% via dexa scan, Bioelectrical impedance, hydro static weighing, etc...better not to get all OCD about hitting a specific # when all these measure do have some error & imprecision)
  • Clarisse_McClellan
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    I never knew before I started that balancing my macros and eating enough fat and protein would actually help my energy levels.
  • Pickle107
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    That lower calorie ice cream was a thing (although realising my portion size was double what it should have been probably helps too).
  • jlgmfp
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    I never knew that I’d be able to commit to cycling to and from work (and how this would let me be less restrictive over my diet... e.g. now I can easily fit in a croissant every morning) 🥐
  • Running_and_Coffee
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    How incredibly determined and bad-*kitten* I can be.