Habitual Restarting Geek Looking for Friends to Inspire and Break the Cycle :)

Hello all,

I can't tell you how many times I've started and stopped this journey, with optimistic and fiery beginnings, half-hearted struggles to continue and repeatedly stopping because life threw a curveball and self-care went to the wind in favor of 'just making it through the day'.

Made some major life changes to massively decrease stress, have almost completely quit smoking and as I stared at the scale last night and saw I was back to my highest weight I decided this was the natural next step.

The one time I'd stuck to this journey the longest, I remembered that the best part of my day was logging in and watching everyone else on theirs - the highs, the lows, the random bits of geeking out - whether it was new shows, movies and games or just a new great recipe to share.

It kept me focused and inspired, and I'm hoping to build on that again by finding like-minded friends (geek or not) to cheer each other on as we put one foot forward at a time.

A few of the things I nerd on: Video games (mostly RPGs, survival horrors and some strategy), Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Umbrella Academy, Dirk Gently, Dune, Star Trek (Jean-Luc Picard is my captain forever, though I'm liking Discovery lately) LoTR, Harry Potter.

If you're interested in having another person who'll be logging in daily to 'thumbs up' your progress, hoot and holler when you have a success and offer words of encouragement when you stumble, feel free to add me or drop a message! Sometimes it takes a village, goodness knows I need one XD


  • CaffeinatedConfectionist
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    Feel free to add me! I am a fellow geek - comic books, video games (when I can make time, anyway - state of decay is my current go-to because I can pick it up and play for 20 minutes and not need to remember a plot), board games, and the like. Almost all my workout tv shows are geeky - the gifted, runaways, izombie, etc etc.

    In terms of fitness, I lift 4x/week and do cardio most days because my job is almost totally sedentary. I also kayak and hike and trail run, when I'm not living in a tidal swamp.
  • RaevsReality
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    @CaffeinatedConfectionist Done and done! I'm starting from square one, so walking to and from work (30 mins each) is my current exercise regime. Hoping to add weights in a few weeks, and am looking at getting a used stationary bike for more intense cardio (I'd like to start running eventually, but the jiggle is too real atm haha).

    And State of Decay! I've been playing the same lately actually (SoD2) - the new nightmare mode is kicking my butt, but it's been a breath of fresh air and gotten me back into it.
  • thou_mayest
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    Add me! Fellow geek exhausted by my own start-stop pattern as well. I've never played a video game, but am a reading (LOTR, HP, and any European classics from the 1800s) fiend, Marvel devotee, and general fantasy and sci-fi show aficionado! I would love to actually start checking in and/or geeking out with people on here on the daily.
  • JohnBarth
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    So close. Dork here, but not a geek. B)
  • estherdragonbat
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    Add if you like. Fanfiction writer (mostly OUAT these days, but I've got quite a backlist of Batman and Daredevil).
  • mbaugh0265
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    I'm not a geek, but I'm a habitual start/stopper. I like seeing others' progress and believe in the support of community, so feel free to add me! I don't think I'll inspire you with my exercise, as it's currently lacking because life, but I try to stay on track with my diet to compensate for that.
  • jdhcm2006
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    Feel free to add me. I geek out on some things, but not all. Also a habitual starter.
  • OGingerBeardMan
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    I've played the on/off game quite a bit myself and have been called a dork more often than a geek, but I'll take it. Anyone in this thread is free to add me.
  • MsArriabella
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    Feel free to add me, I'm just restarting again as well! LoTRO is my go to game because I just love Middle Earth, big fan of Harry Potter as well. Dirk Gently was amazing and if you know of any similar shows I'd love to hear of them.

    How do you like walking to work? I want to try it, but I haven't yet. Also, compression shorts/pants hold everything in and make running SO much more comfortable.
  • RaevsReality
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    @thou_mayest Done and done! Fellow book, scifi and fantasy nerds are more than welcome :D And I know exactly what you mean by being exhausted of the stop-and-start. Think I finally wore myself out of the bad habit haha

    @JohnBarth Also a fellow dork. I'm a catch-all of awkward titles. Added!

    @mbaugh0265 Habitual restarters are certainly welcome - there's a certain grind and deflation that I think we can relate to hehe And honestly the inspiration comes from seeing people do them - whatever it is. It's more of a 'knowing I'm not the only one on this sometimes bumpy road' kind of thing :) Added!

    @jdhcm2006 Done! I won't lie, it makes me feel better to be reminded there are other habitual starters like me :smiley:

    @OnFireWithin Added! Love seeing people come together about this stuff. In some ways I've always felt that people who've never had to struggle with weight just... don't get it, you know?
  • RaevsReality
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    @MsArriabella Woohoo! It's encouraging to have more people to check in with. If you liked Dirk Gently, have you checked out Umbrella Academy or Russian Doll? They're similar in that they're 'sci-fi or scif-ish' different and original kinds of stories. Love some fun and quirky brain-benders.

    I used to walk both ways to work, then it dropped down to only walking home. Now that I've picked up the morning walk I've been dealing with some of the usual muscle aches, but otherwise it's been nice. Kind of my own quiet time to chill in the day, and it helps that my neighborhood is littered with gardens and tree-lined streets :smile:

    And compression pants! I need to look into that. Tmi, but it's the current major stomach-flop-bounce that I'm worried about lol