DOMs that never get better... Why?

I have DOMs super bad anytime I do anything no matter how minor. Even speed walking on the treadmill on a 3 incline has made my calfs so sore... But no matter how little or much I exercise and try to gain muscle (also working with a personal trainer so I have proper form) it doesn't matter and it lasts daysss. I stretch... I do everything I've been told and even cut my workouts much shorter (around 30 mins 4-5 days a week). Some days I just jog around my neighborhood and even that causes my shin area to hurt. Could I be lacking a nutritional component? Is there something that makes DOMs worse or better? I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks.


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    For the calf soreness, 2 things - first, do this calf stretch every 1-2 hours for 30 seconds, daily. Use a reminder app if you forget. Second, wear shoes with no raised heel, both for exercise and daily wear. You shoes probably have a raised heel (most do), which tightens the calves. Good "zero heel" shoes include Keds, Converse, Altras, water socks, etc.
    A raised heel is fine for running, btw.

    Do full-body strength workouts each session, focusing on compound exercises, not isolation movements. That produces the least soreness. But don't go more than 4 days without lifting.

    Shin pain while running is sometimes is from tight calves, so the calf stretch might help. Does it hurt on the inner or outer half of the shins, or down the middle?
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    Fuel your recovery with a ratio of 1g carb to 1g protein. Until I did this, I had a similar issue.
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    Thank you
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    There are times that basic stretching is not enough for me and I have to get my roller out. If it is particular muscle groups that are the usual suspects I would pay special attention to those and roll them out every other day as you are able. I had to do this for my calves and IT for a while. When it was my abs that ached for a week, I added daily cobras and massage of the area. The direct pressure on the muscle can at minimum help.
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    Have you tried foam rolling? It's the only thing that helps me. My one leg/one glute always hurts (clearly my balance ain't it) but I find I can roll it out.
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    There is a particular kind of yoga called Yin Yoga that might help. You hold poses for up to five minutes each, and let yourself relax into the poses without pulling or forcing. The premise is that letting the body find its own limit helps rebuild fascia which naturally diminishes with aging. Whether that part is woo or not, it has done wonders for my joint pain. And it’s very relaxing mentally, too. You may have to try several instructors before you find one you like. I find it to be a very personal, introspective practice and don’t care for a really breezy approach to it. Although my studio’s very jocular instructor packs ‘em in, I can’t stomach that style of teaching and avoid that class.