Using MyFitnessPal for 3 weeks. Little change in weight.

My wife and I both started on MFP 3 weeks ago and despite sticky pretty close to the recommended diet she hasn't lost anything and I've lost maybe 1 pound.

We are, most of the time, keeping within our limits for sugar, carbs, etc. I have noticed we are consistently below the recommended protein levels in our new daily diet.

I also noticed our calories lean top heavy toward dinner and perhaps below the recommended calorie levels for breakfast/dinner.

We also are just now trying to drink more water.

Any comments from more experience dieters on MFP would be most welcome.



  • MikePTY
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    How are you determining your calorie intake? Are you weighing and measuring things, or are just estimating? Usually, if you are not weighing, you can be consistently underestimating your calorie intake.

    How are you estimating exercise? A lot of times, exercise calorie estimates can be wildly inflated. So if you are using machines or exercise calculators and eating back all of your exercise, then it may be causing you not to lose weight. A lot of us here recommend eating back 50-75% of your exercise calories to start until you get a better idea of your actual calorie burn.

    If neither of these are the issue, then I would just keep track with what you are doing (although I would recommend more protein as it is important for muscle mass retention), and have patience. People lose weight in different ways, and you may be retaining extra water weight from diet or exercise changes that is making your progress and causing you to not lose weight on the scale. That will eventually go away and you should start losing regularly.
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    macros are for satiety (feeling full) and overall health but not directly related to weight loss. for weight loss you need to eat at a calorie deficit over time.

    how you seperate your calories in the day doesn't matter. some people even look at weekly calorie goals VS daily.

    are you using a food scale for all foods? are you logging everything? are you carefully picking entries in the food journal? (there are tons of bad entries)? If not, do all these things first.

    why a food scale VS measuring cups?
  • TavistockToad
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    Do you weigh your food with scales?
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