Vegetarian here

Any vegetarian recipe would be appreciated πŸ’—


  • rachaelgifford
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    My go to low calorie lunch is cous cous (roast with a veggie oxo crumbled in), roast vegetables and either Quorn chicken fillet or steak strips for protein.
    I also have a lot of salads, Quorn crispy nuggets, or mixed bean salads and boiled potatoes bulk it out.

    I tend to basically do the same for me as I do for my meat eating partner, but with a veggie substitution. I do eat a fair bit of cheese and eggs for protein, but am trying to cut back on these and have beans and pulses instead. :-)
  • grace42c
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    Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with kale or spinach, feta, and quinoa.
  • AustinRuadhain
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    You are welcome to take a look at the Eat to Live group. We share recipes and recommendations on a regular basis, all of them vegan: