Advice needed

I’ve worked out the amount of carbs, fat and protein I can have throughout the day but Is there a limit on how much exercise I can do to help maintain me losing weight? New to all this losing weight stuff as just had a baby


  • TavistockToad
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    not really no, but i wouldn't rely on exercise to create a calorie deficit, as what happens if and when you cant work out?
  • AnnPT77
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    Limit? Just fatigue or over-strain.

    If you're just starting to work out, especially after any kind of physical stressor (like having a baby), it's usually a good idea to start slowly: Moderate intensity, short duration, every other day at most. Then build up from there.

    If you're nursing, don't try to lose weight too fast.
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    You can exercise as much or as little as you want. the Way this site works is that you eat back the calories you burn from exercise. That way you lose your weekly goal amount of weight regardless if you exercise or not.
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    I would start out with low impact exercise since you just had a baby...your joints are probably still all loose from the baby hormones and will be until about 6 weeks after birth...once you pass that point, then do whatever kind of exercise you like.