Wagon fall off

I've been on and off this site for year's i know it works. I just fall off and don't start again. I've come to the conclusion that as long as I get back on within 2 . weeks. I can do this. I get so down when I fall and give up. NO MORE !!!


  • RelCanonical
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    I think as you practice getting up it won't be as hard and then once the habit is developing it won't happen as often.
  • TavistockToad
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    Maybe think about why sticking to your diet is so hard? Too steep a deficit? Cutting put too many foods you enjoy?
  • lthames0810
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    One of my MFP friends is like this. She is a switch on or switch off sort of person. When she's "on" she is very strict and even eats vegetables (which she has never liked) and cuts out all alcohol. She is miserable while she's doing this and of course falls off after a few weeks Because she hates the process so much, she wants to get the weight off as soon as possible and so she chooses the most aggressive rate of loss that she can.

    I do this in the most hedonistic way possible. If I go over my goal, but less than maintenance, it's a win. If I weigh less next month than I do now, it's a win. When I get sick of logging or feel a binge coming on, I take a week off. I have gotten used to the portions I eat so it doesn't feel restrictive. It's working for me now, but I had to waste a lot of time starting and stopping before I figured it out.