Staying hungry

Hello everyone. I am new to this as I have always done ww's. I didn't like the new freestyle so I am trying this.
I am allowing myself 1350 calories a day. I do feel like I stay hungry. I am almost 200lbs. I have started working out some also. Any suggestions would be great.


  • TavistockToad
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    Where did you get a calorie goal of 1350 from?
  • ultra_violets
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    Age and height may figure into it. Overall though, I don't think it's healthy or setting yourself up for long term success to be hungry all the time. Watching what you eat doesn't have to mean feeling miserable and deprived. Maybe it's not an increase or decrease in the calories you're eating so much as the type of calories you're eating. Maybe you need more protein?
  • kimny72
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    Is 1350 what MFP gave you? How many lbs per week are you set to lose?
    Are you logging your exercise and eating back at least some of those calories?
    How long have you been eating 1350 and feeling hungry?
  • slbbw
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    how was your calorie determined? Are you eating back any calories that you burn? Have you tried playing with different foods that keep you full longer. Protein with a little fat keeps me fullest longest. 2% greek yogurt or cottage cheese, a low fat meat etc. I would look at what your protein level is. Also make sure you calorie count is consistent with your goals.
  • MikePTY
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    Use MFP to create a calorie goal for yourself. If you feel like it is too low, you can slow your rate of loss to get more calories.

    Sometimes changing up your macros may help. Some people feel fuller when they eat more protein, or more fats, etc.
  • Annie_01
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    At 1350 you have to be selective about what you eat in order to not be hungry. Most of my calorie allotment is taken up by lean meats, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, eggs and bacon(yes...I am aware that bacon is not a lean meat but it is bacon after all). Last night I made room for a brownie and cool whip. You just have to spend those calories wisely.

    I will admit I do 2 meals a day instead of 3 plus 2 snacks. I much prefer 2 larger meals instead of 3 smaller ones.
  • jillery0210
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    Hi! I left WW after Freestyle too. I had to retrain my brain a bit. I am staying away from refined carbs for now. I also learned how satisfying full fat food in moderation can be. Higher fat foods were too many points on Ww so I forgot how good they are - cheese, avocado, butter. Just a thought!