It's finally working. Not following WW, only MFP

I have been struggling with losing weight over the past few years, but it's working now.
I have stopped following WW, and Keto, but I am following MFP, calories in vs calories out. I have been logging my food everyday and I am finally down around 14 pounds. I will reach my lowest weight in years in just 2 lbs, but that's only my first goal. I have another 10-15 lbs to go.
I treat myself once a week, and only have alcohol on occasion. Going out to eat seems to put me back somewhat, and it takes me 4 days to lose what I have gained for that restaurant meal. All in all it is working and I am thrilled! :-) Thanks for all of your help!


  • cmriverside
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    Well done! :flowerforyou:
  • L1zardQueen
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  • 1BlueAurora
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    Good for you!
  • MirandaOrange
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    That's wonderful and coming out of a plateau feels so good. You should be proud of this progress... wishing you continued success throughout your journey!
  • nygr8guy
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    Thank you for the inspiration & encouragement!
  • bpotts44
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    Good proof that Keto is not necessary and often times not helpful. Eating in a moderate calorie deficit works for most people. Keep up the good work.
  • blackbear555
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    Awesome! I tried the new WW. I quit after a couple of days as I found it too low carb for me. I love being able to eat all food groups without guilt on MFP!
  • LaSebaya19
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    WW is just meant for people who have really bad eating habits to make them more mindful of making healthier decisions. It's just a mind game! The only people on WW who have had real weight loss success are the ones who have really bad habits. Those who don't have these habits will not succeed on WW.