Walking my Dog 🐕



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    Kya and Rukia!

    They’re so cute!!!!
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    Kya and Rukia!

    That looks like the couch belongs to them lol! They take up the whole thing!
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    jm216 wrote: »
    Confession time...
    I started this post because I LOVE ANIMALS! I love seeing pictures of animals, my Instagram is filled with dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. When I see a picture of someone’s fuzzy fur baby, I immediately feel happy and stress free. Feel free to post pics of all of your fur babies.

    I used to have 2 cats before we had Roxie. When the cats were younger, we tried to walk them on leashes... and the would literally flop over and refuse to go anywhere. It was so funny to watch!

    Anyway, this is my zen, happy place for spending time with my dog, walking out stress, and hanging out with animal lovers!



    There is a thread in the Chit Chat section devoted to dog pics (title says puppies, but it's all dogs). I love that thread. I check it daily because it makes me happy.
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    This is Blaze and we walk together for at least an hour every day, I would love to start jogging with her but shes only 3 and still thinks it's a lovely herding game!😂 Work in progress 😁🐕
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    carolejaye wrote: »
    Oh my goodness, I love this group! Love seeing all the pups. This pic is of Sebastian, up on the couch, and Annie on the pillow. They love walks! Happy I found this group to remind me how important it is to walk them - and me! Thank you!


    So adorable!!🥰
  • jm216
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    Roxie played with her cousins: Mo, Bolt, and Fagan yesterday. She’s gonna sleep all day today. We did squeeze in a nice 14 minute walk in this morning.

    Happy Monday!

    Jill and Roxie
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    We are ALL about walks, at any time of day. We also do some "fetch", so she can do some real sprinting. I'm just so SLOW! But we live in a rural area, so she gets lots of good sniffies while we're out together.