Daily Victories - What are you Proud of Today?



  • mlm7126
    mlm7126 Posts: 30 Member
    I’ve had a really crazy week and it’s been tough to stay motivated. I went to the gym today and really got a good workout in! I’ll be keeping at it!
  • daneejela
    daneejela Posts: 461 Member
    edited April 2019
    Today's small victories are logging food and not snack binging during long ride.
    Long rides are one of my triggers to mindless snacking, so I am proud that today I was stronger then my urges :)
  • laceygaywilson
    laceygaywilson Posts: 330 Member
    I'm excited for a bike ride with my daughter today!!! Shooting for 10 miles!! We got this!!!
  • manowarrule2003
    manowarrule2003 Posts: 118 Member
    Today I will have taken in the necessary amount of calories to achieve my goal. And i am about to smash it in the weight room. Every day you succeed is a day closer to realising the vision.
  • daneejela
    daneejela Posts: 461 Member
    Today I am proud I haven't reached for junk food despite lazy Sunday.
  • daneejela
    daneejela Posts: 461 Member
    Today's victories:
    - eating in moderation
    - made healthy dinner
    - making homemade kefir
    - having berries for snack
  • daneejela
    daneejela Posts: 461 Member
    Today I am proud that I finally did those hormone test that I was postponing last few years!
    Other victories:
    - had awesome day regarding eating (very moderate, low calorie, relaxed, I felt "I'm full" signal during dinner)
    - had berries for afternoon snack
    - had healty dinner (chickpeas and chard)
    - went outside for a bike ride (cca 20min)
  • daneejela
    daneejela Posts: 461 Member
    Sounds like an awesome day! Hikes during sunny days are so revitalizing!
  • daneejela
    daneejela Posts: 461 Member
    Today I am extremly proud that I had some cakes and I have participated in holiday's customs but I didn't swiched to binge mode. That means so much for my confidence. I also took a walk this evening.

    Hope you all have been doing good!
  • ginnytez
    ginnytez Posts: 1,175 Member
    In addition to regular stuff (logging, treadmill, laundry, etc.), cut down a mulberry bush that had been bothering me for a couple of years. And while they call them bushes, it was 8 ft tall!
  • IpakDaley
    IpakDaley Posts: 46 Member
    Stayed within calorie goals even though there's a bunch of Easter candy in the house.