Healthy alternative to water

I dislike the taste of water so are there any drinks you can recommend to me to replace water with?


  • echmain3
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    What do you mean by “healthy”?
  • JeromeBarry1
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    The taste of water varies from place to place. Your municipal water tastes different from your bottled water.
    What water are you talking about? Filtered? Tap? Bottled?
  • sijomial
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    Conversely what do you mean by unhealthy OP?

    I get a lot of my hydration from numerous cups of tea throughout the day but when I'm exercising water or for long duration exercise sports drinks (normally mixed by me).

    Diet coke, milk and Ribena also feature regulalrly.
  • cavefallss
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    I like water with lemon or lime in it. I usually just drink that or tea. There’s lots of teas out there to choose from and you can either drink it hot or cold. Green tea is really good and I love mango tea. Also you could tried the flavored waters.
  • Nerys52
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    Herbal teas.
  • musicfan68
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    As long as it's not alcohol, or you aren't just drinking regular pop all the time, anything.
  • hesn92
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    Most kinds of drinks will hydrate you. You can put those little flavor packets in water if you want or lemon. Or whatever other fruit you like. Sparkling flavored water. Whatever.
  • wannabeskinnycat
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    In the UK people say the water tastes different in different parts of the country so I know you mean about a taste, but really for me water just tastes of water. In work, I would drink maybe 3 litres of water then only tea or coffee at home. I really tried with the tap water at home and it just didn't appeal to me at all. Thinking about work water - it was ice cold and filtered - I already pay for water to be piped into my house so I'm not going to pay more for bottled, and I'm always mindful of the extra plastic to end up in the ocean. So I put tap water in a drinks bottle in the fridge. Problem solved! For me it was the temperature of the water. Now I have a 5L tap container in the fridge, it fits on a shelf easy and I have ice cold water whenever I want it. I take a bottle with me everywhere. Try it and see if that helps with the taste.