New, again. Starting over....again. *fingers crossed this time*

Here I go! 45, health issues, and sick and tired of being sick and tired.


  • Beav73
    Beav73 Posts: 280 Member
    Nice to meet u...Good luck with your fitness journey..Have fun and rock it
  • JohnBarth
    JohnBarth Posts: 672 Member
    Don't cross your fingers and wish things will go well. Make a commitment to yourself and be consistent in efforts toward your goals!
  • Lisa732016
    Lisa732016 Posts: 9 Member
    One step at a time, i think we end up putting too much pressure on ourselves. Just keep moving forwards :)
  • nerdherdshepherd8973
    nerdherdshepherd8973 Posts: 16 Member
    I feel ya! We can do this!!!
  • NvrGivUpM8
    NvrGivUpM8 Posts: 78 Member
    Hey I know the feeling! Well u look great so don't be too hard on is what we make it so stay positive and surround yourself with good friends. They will get you through this journey of life dear friend!