Anyone lost the weight regained then lost again?

Feeling rather annoyed at myself. Having lost 4.5 stone then regained over two due to multiple surgeries for health reasons.

Has anyone else managed to lose it again and any tips?


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    Yep! Lost from 205(ish) to 140 in 2012, gained 45 back over the next few years, and lost it again plus 10 more so far since mid-2017.

    No tips specially applicable to re-losing, other than try to learn from your mistakes (Why did I fail at maintenance? Was it because I lost in a way that is unsustainable for me, and if so how can I fix that this time?) And don't be mad at yourself. It happens to a lot of us :)
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    oh yes. Each time Ive lost and gained Ive learned something though.
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    Oooooh yeah. Seems to be a pretty normal occurance for me lol Hope to keep it off for good this time!! Main thing it to be aware of my weight (keep stepping on the scale and weigh in). It creeps up if I don't keep an eye on it. Overall: Just don't give up!

    Here's my yo-yo timeline over the last 15 years:

    Age:14-16, 160-170lbs
    17-19, 180-220lbs (my "big" years)
    20-23, 150-160lbs (started my first weightloss journey and maintained for a while)
    24-25, 165-180lbs (slacked a bit)
    26-27, 150-155lbs (lost some wieght again)
    27-28, 160-200lbs (Pregnancy #1)
    28-29, 175-200lbs (Pregnancy #2 lol)
    CW @ 30, 164lbs

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    Over and over and over and over...

    Sounds like the story of my life. And have been "dieting" about 25 years of my life!

    But pretty much done with "dieting". You just have to find what works for you 😉
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    I have been blessed with a love of sugar, and a stronger than normal desire to be slim. As a result, I've been at goal weight 5 times. Hopefully this will be my final transition. I gave myself a choice, yoyo for the rest of my life or stop having sugar. I chose the latter.
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    I really have only done this once before. I was in the 200s since my teens, like 240-260, but at age 22 after surgery and steroidal treatments for a spider bite, I found myself at 299 lb. I started drinking diet soda (instead of regular soda) and being strict with what I ate, mostly eating at home just omelets, sandwiches, fruit & veggies...partly because I was single and poor...and I got down to 227 lb which was very good for me. I'd only been at 299 for a summer...and then I was soon around 227-235 for 2 years.

    Then I met my now ex, and we ate WAY too much and were lazy. He was a very big guy as were many of his friends, and we did a ton of entertaining/cooking at home...I always ate less than the guys, but still WAY too much! I really had no concept of appropriate portions. I was back at 260 almost immediately after marrying. I stayed in that range for many many years and then at one point got up to 307 lb, my heaviest.

    I lost all the weight and more in my mid 30s and now at 42, I am currently at 170 and have been in the 160s-170s for almost six years so far. For me it was a slow process of "eating healthier, moving more" until I began calorie counting with MFP and then it came off pretty fast. I am now a slightly lazy tracker but stay here to maintain. My weight has fluctuated very little since 2014...I believe my lowest is 164 and highest, 181. I am 5'8".

    I plan to do some version of calorie counting forever.
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    I lost 105lbs but it was ultimately unsustainable and my mental health was in a bad way, so I gained it all back. This time I've lost 85lbs and kept it off for a year. I'm working on the last 50lbs but it's far more sustainable this time and I fully believe even if I don't lose the last 50lbs I'll have no trouble maintaining this weight. I do think I can lose the 50lbs though, with the way I've been doing it. And keep it off, which is the most important!
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    yup. i did. stopped watching what i ate. moved less. and gained about half back.

    this time i'll be watching what i eat better when i get back down to maintenance.
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    JessPickle wrote: »
    Feeling rather annoyed at myself. Having lost 4.5 stone then regained over two due to multiple surgeries for health reasons.

    Has anyone else managed to lose it again and any tips?

    Yes! I know what you mean, story of my life this past winter. Was down to my lowest weight- 230 pounds. Then the holidays/winter came (along with some other issues) and gained about 20 pounds. But now I'm back down again. I did it by eliminating/avoiding a lot of the trigger foods like fast food and cookies, also by going for a mostly plant-based diet. Not entirely, I'm not completely vegetarian, but most of my day is fresh fruits and veggies. Like so far today, I've had a banana and strawberries for mid-AM snack, salad at lunchtime, apple this afternoon and roasted brussel sprouts & asparagus with turkey later on. Some days I go completely vegetarian and do plant based proteins like beans, tofu, meatless products, etc. But the bulk of my day is vegetables and fruit.

    Also I went back to doing the exercise regimen that I know works for me- 10-20 minutes cardio, 30 minutes or so on weights 4-5 days a week.

    Everyone's a little different, so of course you have to do some experimenting and find what works for you. These are just simply recommendations based on what I've found works. Don't worry- as long as you are trying to eat healthy and exercise, you will make progress again. You will get there!
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    Fflpnari wrote: »
    oh yes. Each time Ive lost and gained Ive learned something though.

    This. I've lost and regained a few times, but each time I learn something more about what is and isn't sustainable for me.
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    From 2010 - mid 2014; went from 194 to 146.
    From mid 2014 to 2015; went from 146 to 185.
    From 2016 to Present; 185 to 140s.

    I learnt from this experience that I need to keep tracking and weighing what I eat. In addition, “it’s easy to gain, but harder to lose” (in my experience).

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    I could eat whatever I wanted until I was about 35, then the fat fairy found me. Over the past 31 years I have gone from 110lbs to my current 220lbs. During these years I have lost and regained several times. I started MFP in 2012 at 210 and over 3 years I lost 50lbs and kept it off for two years. I’m back to it again. For some of us it’s a repeating process.
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    Boy it is a struggle!!!
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    Yep been there. Lost 6st in my 30's, got pregnant, got divorced, made redundant twice and put it all back on plus a bit more.
    As I reached 50 I'd lost 4st of it and now I'm on with the next 4st.
    For me it's all about determination and a strong desire to be healthy, if I'm not in that zone mentally I've got no chance. It's been tough since Christmas and I plateaued but the switch has been flicked and I'm back to it.
    Log everything you put in your mouth, create that deficit and go for it.
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    Yearly. Sticking with it is the tough part, losing and gaining is easy. Its keeping it off that I struggle with. Falling into old habits is too easy and honestly its easier to be unhealthy than healthy in our civilization.
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    story of my life.

    The principals don't change. Calories in versus Calories out. Log food religiously and get to doing some sort of exercise..whatever you can stick with.