Starting....again πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

I'm back at it!! Need friends cuz this time I'm starting over and sticking with it!!!


  • serendipity22
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    You can add me as a friend. This time I'm really going to stick with it.
  • flintflash1
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    I'm back for a second go around too! Originally from the Calorie Count community and lost close to 70 lbs. Put almost all of it back on in the last two years and followed many of my old CC friends over here to MFP. We can ALL use more support!! Feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like! And Hey, coming back and starting for a second time is a HUGE step forward!! GREAT job! :)
  • Malonsky
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    Welcome Back! Starting again is never a bad thing. I recently started back up after about a year off (during which time I gained what I had previously lost). Feel free to add me as a friend as well. I'm well on my way, but there are always those days when one is in need of support to keep going!
  • Mcat34
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    I'm also starting back again. Feel free to add me as a friend for motivation and support!
  • RBBinge
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    Please add me. I just typed up an entire post about the same thing and I got a β€œlost connection error” πŸ™„πŸ™„. I need accountability buddies this time.
  • Fatsotubs
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    Please add me. I really need help getting into the mind set again!
  • daisygirl2452
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    add me! I gained back all my 50lbs I lost 2 years ago
  • IamBorg
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    Me too! Welcome back :smiley:

    Feel free to add me as a friend, support from each other is one of the great parts of this journey.
  • mommom333
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    I’m back, again too!! Really wanting to succeed this time!!!
  • LilRedRidingHoodlum
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    I hear ya! I am starting again as well for the millionth time. Course i couldnt get in my original account so had to make a new one. Friends are appreciated!
  • anl90
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    Added! Let's do this!!
  • laceybrobie
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    Feel Free to add me also anyone! I am back at it as well.
  • guil0095
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    Welcome back! You got this!
  • benigu
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    Hi! You can add me as well!
    Anyone who needs support or can support someone starting over for a third time!
    My first two trials went great but they were only to loose a few pounds... This time I need to loose 25lbs to look healthy again... I need full support!
  • oceanlife2029
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    Hi I'm new here and needing friends as well!
  • Michielynn222
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    Same here!
  • jude2503
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    Me too x
  • BrendanScrote
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    By popular demand ... "I am Back"

    I shall do my best to not make this another false dawn and hopefully I shall meet some folks and have some fun on the way.

    I'm a fifty something based in the UK and looking to loose a few pounds before my upcoming wedding in early July ... the Duchess and I have been engaged for 23 years and now the time feels right to make it official.

    I will weigh in tonight and probably scale around 280 lb ... I'm not looking at putting a target on weight loss before the event (anything would be nice) but ultimately I would like to get down to around 175 lb

    So in order to achieve this
    (1) I'm back on MFP
    (2) Knocked booze on the head
    (3) Trying to eat sensibly and log everything
    (4) Getting more exercise and maybe trying C25K again

    Short term goals
    (1) Stop thinking about lunch
    (2) Take a walk round the blok early this evening
    (3) Find my fitbit

    Happy to receive any support going so feel free to add me if you wish ... as always my posts will be honest, observational, not limited to my journey, from the heart and hopefully entertaining.
  • Dawnskvt
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    You can add me too. I've started over 9,000 times already. Each time my pants get tighter and tighter. I'm at the point now where I either stick with it or buy new pants. Since new pants aren't in my budget, I think I may be staying here for the long haul.
  • MarvinsFitLife
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    @tammyfrank1974 will be happy to support you on this journey as a fellow Canuck