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I have been looking into this diet short term. Can someone explain what cat 1, 2, and 3 refers to? I am not interested in buying Lyle MacDonals'd books.


  • dozenmonkeyzdozenmonkeyz Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    Agree with psuLemon COMPLETELY! I'm currently running it for the second time, and in phase 2 of this second go round. If you don't read that book you will not get the performance you hope for, simple as that. This is a highly structured plan for the very disciplined dieter. Missing or mis-dosing supplements or diet targets will (not might, WILL) hinder progress, or worse, cause health issues. I'm sure there are other written PSMF programs out there but Lyle's is the gold standard and the book is cheap (or free if you're that type). Do not pursue this on your own.

    That said, it's quite effective and if you can handle it properly, the results are more efficient than any other approach I've come across.
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