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  • Nickynoodle2379
    Nickynoodle2379 Posts: 18 Member
    North Yorkshire here x
  • eeanneli
    eeanneli Posts: 35 Member
    There is a uk group? How would I find it
  • SuperSlayer81
    SuperSlayer81 Posts: 19 Member
    Glasgow :)
  • Andia15
    Andia15 Posts: 104 Member even less irish people on the app

    Hello fello Irish person 😆
  • George8383
    George8383 Posts: 69 Member
    Telford, Shropshire
  • beefley
    beefley Posts: 2 Member
    Dartmoor in Devon here☺
  • Chris144mph
    Chris144mph Posts: 66 Member
    And whilst we’re at it.. a cup of?!

    Definitely Yorkshire Tea.
    Or a soy gingerbread latte if its a shopping trip out! 😊
  • HedgeWychUK
    HedgeWychUK Posts: 10 Member
    edited May 2019
    Well done, I just came back to mfp after a 5 year break and I swear it's harder to find peeps from this side of the pond this time! I'm in SW London/ Surrey.
    Have sent everyone friend requests; it's better having motivation and accountability buddies where you can relate to their food, weights and culture!

    Oh, and tea-only In this household, although mine tends to be green, herbal or matcha :D
  • torabelle79
    torabelle79 Posts: 63 Member
    Hi. I'm from Horsham 😀
  • TayaCurragh
    TayaCurragh Posts: 709 Member
    Derby here, feel free to add :smile:
  • nooboots
    nooboots Posts: 480 Member
    Sheffield and second week in to the goal to lose 4 stone after being a greedy cow when pregnant and having much child 2 years ago lol.

    Im in my second week now and my goal is 4.5 stone. Hard work. I have given myself until next July/August
  • nooboots
    nooboots Posts: 480 Member
    And whilst we’re at it.. a cup of?!


    And although Im a Londoner (now living at the coast), yes it has to be Yorkshire tea
  • fesimo34197
    fesimo34197 Posts: 94 Member
    Scotland 👋👋
  • TonnnnUK
    TonnnnUK Posts: 132 Member
    Manchester here, feel free to add.
  • Gregzy182
    Gregzy182 Posts: 20 Member
    Hi, newly started this app, loving it already and starting to get the buzz from weighing my food and making sure I get my macros right.. love that you can log your workout and track your progress so easily..
    Always looking for motivation so feel free to add me.. would love to see what everyone else is eating and doing to help inspire me to achieve my goals..
    Greg from Glasgow
  • AngelFaithsLuna
    AngelFaithsLuna Posts: 14 Member
    Hi I am British too you are all welcome to add me :)