38 with A LOT to lose.

So here it is ... I'm fat. None of that cutesy big boned, a little thick or just more of me to love crap. I'm fat. I'm 38 and weigh 476! How did I get this big, well until recently I didn't FEEL fat. One day I was getting ready for work, looked in the mirror and really realized what I've done to myself. I started thinking about how I've worked around being fat, I can still climb stairs... but only one at a time. I check the mail... but am breathing hard when I finish. I realized I really have no social life because I dont like to be seen. It's just sad, and I can't do it anymore. I feel like I'm waiting for my life to begin but in truth I'm in the middle of it and I have to change. So, here I am. I need YOU to help, I need people who know the struggle, who know how hard it really is to take back your life.
I'm DOING this, I'm not waiting anymore. I know if we are encouraging and accountable to each other we can do it.

For my first week here a friend of mine has been wanting to see how much weight can be lost by eating Subway for 7days, so I'm gonna try it with her.


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    Love Subway! They have a nutrition calculator on their website-use it to pre-plan what you're going to get and find something that fits into your calorie targets (click on the sub that you want and the calculator link will be listed under it).

    Welcome to the group :)
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    Welcome!! Start weighing and logging everything you eat. Start right now! Don't wait for your friend.

    Friends are a great source of support and motivation, but keep going even if your friend quits! The Subway diet seems a bit odd to me, but if it gives you the motivation you need to get going, then do it!

    Since you have so much to you, you are probably very safe to lose 2lbs per week. Use the MFP set up and get on it!!

    I recommend following @AnnabellaRaine She's lost hundreds of pounds!!
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    Boy those mirrors, they really tell it like it is. I'm in the same boat dude, just took a good look at myself and realized it was time to take responsibility and stop making excuses. I've got a lot drop. It's hard friggin work, and some days are harder than others.

    But that's what's nice about MFP, we got each other's back. Somehow with everyone I've made it for over 40 days.
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    I'm 304 pounds or 138kg. I've got alot to lose. Let's do it together!
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    Welcome, welcome!

    In January I was just about the same weight as you, and at my heaviest i was 509, so I absolutely feel your struggle. I think it's great that you are giving it a go. Congrats.

    I think subway for a week is a great way to get started. It is tasty and can easily fit into a low calorie diet. It's definitely my most frequent fast food choice for that very reason. I'm sure this isn't your first time at the dieting rodeo, but it's always good to remember to take those beverage and chip/cookie calories into account as well. Those extra snacks'll getcha.

    If you ever want someone to chat with about where you wanna go in week 2 and beyond, feel free to add me :smile:

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    Hello welcome!
    I loooove Subway! I do want to say that even a salad can lead towards to 700 calories depending on the ingredients. So i really express getting a digital food scale. ( Amazon has some cheap ones for like 10-15$)

    Back in 2015 i weighed 423lbs and im not even sure if that was my highest. I found MFP and just started logging calories in - calories out. Got down to 321lbs.100lbs lost Which took maybe 13 months but gained 70 of it back in 2017-2018 so i started mfp again in 2019 at 391lbs. So far just at 378 but definitely not stopping this time.

    So we can definitely tackle this journey together :)