Why is it hard to maintain weight for years through intuitive eating?

I'm just looking for thoughts. A watched a video by Natasha Oceane on YT who is a huge advocate of IE. Not going to lie, it is disheartening watching someone eat whatever they want in moderation and know that is something I can't do myself without watching the weight creep back up. I don't want to count calories forever.


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    Can't say what others need to do but for me, routine is the key. Eating regular meals whether I am hungry or not tells my body not to store calories. If I wait until I am hungry I eat too fast and too much. If meals are more like brushing my teeth - something I have to do, not something that is a pleasure - then overeating is very easy to resist. (Still have to avoid bad foods and snacks)
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    Some people are able to maintain without counting, I am not one of those people! I think of it as a healthy habit, something I have to do every day to take care of my body. Take brushing your teeth for example, it is something you should do every day for your health and it takes 2 minutes twice a day so 4 minutes total. I see calorie counting as the same, a healthy habit that takes me maybe 5 minutes a day so not much longer than brushing my teeth.
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    I've been maintaining for years without counting/logging. But, from the experience of logging on MFP while I was losing weight, I got an education on portion size, calorie counts, and what foods are/are not worth the calories to me.

    These things are still in my head every day, and while I don't log in the app, I'm still kind of logging in my head. I know my maintenance calories and try to roughly stick to that.

    So, probably "mindful eating" is a good term for this. It's definitely not intuitive...my intuition says to eat all the cookies in the break room.

    Exactly. And yes, I always have a loose tally going in my head.
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    I can maintain my weight and even lose weight without counting calories, but it's definitely not without mental effort. I have to stick to a routine and eat my three meals plus 1 or two snacks that fit within a reasonable range of calories. I limit my treats either to small portions every day, or a larger portion but only once a week or so. From years of off and on calorie counting I have a good idea what foods are good choices and what foods are bad choices. I find it's not much easier than just keeping a damn food diary here on MFP. At least with MFP I know what I can afford to eat and what I can't.
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    Hey y'all, thank you so much for your input. I waited a few hours before responding on purpose so that I could get as many thoughts as possible. It was nice to know one of you knew who I was talking about (Youtuber) and so many of you made the act of counting seem less lame. I guess I get overwhelmed more so when I think about cooking meals and not being able to account for them (I know I can.. but it is a lot of work). I then ask myself "can I really do this forever?" Same thing on weekends as my mother hands me my favorite home cooked meals and there's no way for me to track it. Mexican mom's like to add a 'pinch' of anything and everything.

    Again, this really helped in making things less scary for me when I finally hit my goal weight in the next few weeks. A billion times, thank you!