Did you take a before photo?

serendipity22 Posts: 248 Member
The day that I decided that enough was enough and I was going to finally work on becoming healthier, I had a friend take a picture of myself. I hope to be able to put it up here next year with a new photo of myself. I also made notes of all of my measurements.


  • eromligyppah
    eromligyppah Posts: 112 Member
    Yep, have some before, during, and now. I have some measurement data too, wish I had more.
  • brittanystebbins95
    brittanystebbins95 Posts: 560 Member
    I only took like one or two, and it was after I had already lost the first 10 lbs. Pictures of myself still made me cry at that point so I tried to limit them, but I wanted at least one to be able to look back and compare to. I really wish I had taken more, though.
  • BattyKnitter
    BattyKnitter Posts: 503 Member
    I did and I tried not to look at them at first because it made me so sad! The one in my avatar was after I had already lost 6 lbs but I have some at my starting weight too. They are very good to measure progress when the scale is getting me down!
  • puffbrat
    puffbrat Posts: 2,806 Member
    No, but I have a picture that helped finally kick me into gear.
  • texasredreb
    texasredreb Posts: 541 Member
    I had someone take a front and side view. I'm trying to have them taken at the beginning of every month. So far I have 3 photos and I look the same in all three. Sad day.
  • serendipity22
    serendipity22 Posts: 248 Member
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    I like the idea of taking a photo every month to track my progress. I took my before photo three weeks ago. I have lost 4 pounds so far.
  • CharlieCharlie007
    CharlieCharlie007 Posts: 245 Member
    I have pics of me in natural situations, not posed, which I always think is better.
  • asyk805
    asyk805 Posts: 125 Member
    Like puffbrat said, I didn't have a picture taken but someone took a picture of me at Christmas and posted on Facebook and I realized something had to change.
  • bobshuckleberry
    bobshuckleberry Posts: 281 Member
    I have before pics but I didn't know they were going to be before pics at the time.
  • shadow2soul
    shadow2soul Posts: 7,693 Member
    I didn’t start taking any until I had lost 50lbs. The only pictures I have from my heaviest are me in the hospital (laying in a bed or sitting in a wheelchair) after my the birth of my first son (csection) and a picture I took of my old Drivers License (it had a picture from my heaviest on it...as I lost weight people started doubting it was my ID).
  • Panini911
    Panini911 Posts: 2,325 Member
    no. not many photos of me then, during or even now.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    I didn't, but sort of wish I had. It took me years to get from my heaviest (307) to my "usual" weight of 260-270. When I was over 260, I NEVER allowed full body photos of myself to be taken and if they were, I tried to get rid of the evidence.

    The only full body before/after photos I have are around 260-270 and then roughly at my goal (165-170). While that's still interesting to look at now, I do wish I had a photo of my worst/heaviest to compare because even though that is 100 lb lost I think my body looked a lot different/worse at 300 than at 260, I think that loss made the biggest impact actually.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,282 Member
    Yes, and progress photos along the way as well. Sometimes you miss what's going on with just looking in the mirror.
  • NHDaisy2
    NHDaisy2 Posts: 151 Member
    A specific photo no. Mainly because I had taken before photos at previous attempts to lose weight and I basically told myself that I had sabotaged myself by taking those photos of front, side, back. Which I know isn't true but, I think I felt like a failure each time I had a before picture but, not a during or after picture.

    I do have photos though of me at all different weights because of my kids. Mainly because if they wanted to take a picture of me or have their picture taken with me I didn't want to say no because when they look at me they see Mom. I did however, strategically place myself in some of the photos to try to minimize my actual weight/looks.
  • AvianDB
    AvianDB Posts: 56 Member
    I took one but I wish I went out of my way to take a better one, really didn’t like taking pics back then.
  • MikePTY
    MikePTY Posts: 3,819 Member
    I didn't take one right when I started. It was a couple months in before I got an official "before" photo. I wish I would have taken one right away. But the one I did take still worked really well and I'm glad I had it. On days that I don't feel like I've made a ton of progress, I can look at it and see how far I've come.

  • lisas61032
    lisas61032 Posts: 8 Member
    I took a couple photos and measurements. When I used the app a couple years ago I did this as well. It was really helpful to look back and see what all the hard work looks like. You could tell my clothes fit better and my face had changed a bit. Even though I didn’t have dramatic weight loss numbers.
  • Danp
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    When I started I was all gung-ho about documenting my progress. So I went and bought a tripod to hold my phone to take pictures and videos. I even bought small whiteboard and coloured markers to design signs to hold up in each update with dates, weights, thoughts, etc on it. I'd take photos, a short video of a 360 spin and whatnot.

    That lasted about 5 months before I lost interest and stopped doing it. I may get inspired again one day and pick it up again but if that happens remains to be seen. Still do have the 'day one' photos and videos which are the most important one to show myself how far I've come.
  • amayk
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    No, but I wish I did. On my heaviest photo I had allready lost 20pounds. fgq4libgvlgz.jpg