Tips on not snacking when I'm not really hungry??

Snacking is my biggest weakness haha, does anyone have any tips on not snacking/binging in snacks when I know I'm not really hungry and just bored?! I try to keep myself busy/distract myself but sometimes it gets hard. I've tried healthy snacks like apples and carrots but tbh sometimes they just make me more hungry lol...


  • MikePTY
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    Try to keep snacks out of sight and a hard to reach place.
  • NovusDies
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    Since my problem was auto-pilot snacking I do not sit down or leave the kitchen with a higher calorie snack food. I also do not allow myself to have any entertainment distraction when I snack. Now I can make an individual bag of chips last for four days which suits me and my calorie count just fine.
  • hope25
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    I am trying to figure this out too. Afternoon snacking is my weakness. Right now I hopped on here to read posts to distract myself.
  • Justin_7272
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    Sub snacks for low/no calorie drinks (water, coffee, tea, diet soda, etc.) Added bonus; you'll get more steps in by using the restroom more ;)

    Partition snacks into small portions so they take longer to eat, which may help with satiety (i.e. cut an apple into 8 slices, then cut the slices into 4ths)
  • jo_nz
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    For me, I try to keep my hands busy (crafts, folding the washing, cleaning...sometimes even baking), making a cup of tea, brushing my teeth or chewing gum.

    For when I really want to have a snack, and apples or carrots aren't cutting it, plain popcorn is good, or sometimes cheese or nuts. Or for a chocolate fix, I like the mini choc bars.
  • echmain3
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    Do something that fully engages your mind.

    Crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles.

  • jean133mjg
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    I try to journal my urges and "talk to myself" about what my goals are and how I am going to accomplish them. By the time I am done journaling my thoughts, feelings, issues, goals, solutions, etc., I seem to have more control over my urge to snack. The urges always lessen or disappear by the time I'm done. It helps me to better understand me and strengthen my resolve. Maybe it will help you too.
  • Lynnara
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    I vote for the gum chewing too. I keep different flavors of sugar free gum around for when I get 'mouth hungry'. Also, sometimes brushing teeth will keep me from wanting to snack.
  • Dreamwa1ker
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    Drink a glass of water first and see if you still think you need a snack after. I do like to snack on popcorn but it is easy to fit in my calorie budget and you can even get individual size bags of microwave popcorn so you aren't tempted to overdo it. I also "snack" on things like having a glass of flavored seltzer water and don't feel as tempted to eat something if I have that (and 0 calories/no-sweetener).

    I sometimes paint my nails while watching TV - it's relaxing and pampering/self-care but no calories. And can't risk smudging it with a snack.
  • jennifer_417
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    Distraction, distraction, distraction! Go for a walk, work on a hobby, read a book, anything to keep your mind (and hands if necessary) occupied.
  • NorthCascades
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    Go for a walk.

    Don't keep things in the house that you'll eat too much of.
  • slbbw
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    I drink tea or water. Not only does it keep me hydrated it also makes me have to get up and use the restroom which also keeps me occupied. In general stay busy and work on finding food that keeps you satiated. If it is truly just a habit, habits need to be broken over time. Replacing one habit with another is not always the best approach.
  • jennmae0108
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    Brush your teeth!