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Big Bang Theory - Final Episode.

MIltonBradley1MIltonBradley1 Posts: 702Member Member Posts: 702Member Member
I didn't see it so I have nothing to contribute.


  • samtarlyonadietsamtarlyonadiet Posts: 944Member Member Posts: 944Member Member
    Like newton, what goes up must come down
  • LlamabunsLlamabuns Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    Big Bang Theory was good while it lasted but it was time to end. I do enjoy Young Sheldon so much.
  • michael1976_camichael1976_ca Posts: 3,432Member Member Posts: 3,432Member Member
    I didn't like it. It left a lot of un. awsered questions for me
  • NinkasiNinkasi Posts: 161Member Member Posts: 161Member Member
    It was pretty much what I expected. I liked Amy's "girls can do science" speech and was annoyed but not surprised that Penny ended up pregnant.
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