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Meat or no meat?



  • amorfati601070amorfati601070 Posts: 1,341Member Member Posts: 1,341Member Member
    I haven't eaten meat in over 6 years. Meat is too expensive and eating flesh is a bit gross to me now at this point. Mostly, the "flavour" of meat is overrated.... it doesn't even really have much flavor. ..its' all the herbs, spices and sauce that make food actually taste good.
  • nanabugblognanabugblog Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I would not mind going without meat, but it would take more money and more patience. I'd rather be able to eat with my family and not spend extra money on food.
  • LiftingSpiritsLiftingSpirits Posts: 2,181Member Member Posts: 2,181Member Member
    I love and miss Bacon 💔

    In general I love the meats!
  • LoKoMiLoKoMi Posts: 44Member Member Posts: 44Member Member
    Omnivore here!

    However, I cannot tolerate any pork products, and I avoid shellfish except for an occasional shrimp or two. Three is the max.

    Also I really like a lot of vegetarian and vegan dishes, especially anything with a middle eastern flavor. MMMmmmmm Falafel 😋

    I always keep vegan burgers in my freezer because we really like them and they come in handy for feeding stray vegans who wander in. Haha seriously- 1 minute in the microwave, no mess no grease- even my non-cook child can make them for herself. And I really do bring a package to the venue when I’m hosting an event, like a graduation party. I’d never expect my vegan friends to provide a steak for me, but I truly am happy to have veggie burgers for them.
  • lorri71lorri71 Posts: 86Member Member Posts: 86Member Member
    I do not eat any meat through choice for many years as I cannot bear the thought of eating an animal. I do not eat any fish or shellfish because of food allergies. I eat many other food groups and seem to stay healthy. I did see a dietician to check I was meeting my needs nutritionally and would recommend this if avoiding a wide range of food groups.
  • alywei3773alywei3773 Posts: 852Member Member Posts: 852Member Member
    MEAT. Though, i do tend to know the animals that i eat or kill them myself. I like animals to spend their lives treated like animals and not like food.
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