Went off the wagon

My entire week had been going good. Until last night I ate a large pulled pork poutine and two ice cream sandwiches. Ugh. Feel so terrible about it now


  • Chayal11
    Chayal11 Posts: 1 Member
    Ah we all fall off the wagon occasionally! Dust yourself off and get back on 👍😁
  • psychod787
    psychod787 Posts: 4,083 Member
    The philosophical question..... what wagon? Ponder this....
  • browneyedbelle92
    browneyedbelle92 Posts: 37 Member
    Keep going I feel like this too but I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day
  • kx7003
    kx7003 Posts: 101 Member
    I’m the same. I’m gna exercise a lot today. Member you won’t gain a pound unless you ate 3500 calories on top of your usual 1500 tdee. Although we think we gain weight over night or literally as soon as you wolf the treats down it’s not possible to gain unless u consumed like 5000 calories in the one go.
  • dlkfox
    dlkfox Posts: 463 Member
    Happens. Log it and forget about it.
  • whmscll
    whmscll Posts: 2,248 Member
    You only stop losing if you give up for good! Don’t beat yourself up, it happens to pretty much everyone. Just try to get back on track.
  • kellie7850
    kellie7850 Posts: 50 Member
    Let me join here. This was me Saturday night. Drank too much and had a major snacking session. It’s a rare occurrence so hopefully no major damage done. No one is perfect. Just need to keep moving forward. Your not alone