How many calories to lose weight???

I’m 5ft 2 I’m 45 I weigh 13st8lb want to get to 12st for now maybe lose more when I get to that goal anyway my question is how many calories do I need to lose weight I looked on google but it’s so confusing it says to lose weight I should have 1606 a day to lose weight fast 1200 but on fitness pal it says 1500 I’m so confused can someone help me plz ????


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    Hi what’s that hun??
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    The difference is because when you're googling it, other websites mostly use the TDEE method which includes your calories burned through exercise.

    MFP (MyFitness Pal) uses the NEAT method, which doesn't include your exercise calories in your base calorie goal, you then add your exercise burns from the database/using a fitness device and add those to your goal.

    For example the TDEE Method on Google is giving you 1606 because it expects that you will do around 530 calories of intentional exercise per week. You would not log your exercise.

    Whereas with MFP you have 1500 calories which is based on not doing any intentional exercise, as you do a workout you log it - example might be "Running" 30 mins with a burn of say 200 calories. Your Calorie Goal for the day would then increase to 1700 calories.
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    You can also use the Harris-Benedic equation (google for links) to calculate your basal metabolic rate and total calorie intake. I think neugebauer was talking about the MFP app where you can enter your data and target. The app will then calculate your total calories per day. Whatever you choose, make sure you measure and adjust accordingly as you go since anything from a formula will probably be more or less off from your actual requirements.
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    MFP = My Fitness Pal

    Go with the numbers the app gives you, its a good starting point.

    This is a really useful link >>
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    Thanx everyone xx
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    Go to the top of the getting started section. Read the stickied most helpful forum posts. Come back if you still have specific questions that weren’t answered in those threads.

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    Oh, and you want to set a rate of loss of 1 lb per week maximum.