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FitKim39FitKim39 Posts: 36Member, Premium Member Posts: 36Member, Premium Member
So, I know the key is diet and I’m pretty happy with my shape. But, I am having trouble maintaining a sensible diet. I have always eaten healthy with occasional bad food runs. I have been more proactive at keeping healthier “bad foods” around for those moments everyone person has. (gluten free cupcake or carrot cake cliff bars) I could reAlly use a partner to help keep me motivated to continue my food log. I’ve gotten lazy and I know it always works for me.
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  • FitKim39FitKim39 Posts: 36Member, Premium Member Posts: 36Member, Premium Member
    I need more accountability partners. Does anyone want to keep in contact for motivation?
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  • rainbow198rainbow198 Posts: 2,034Member Member Posts: 2,034Member Member
    I can understand the struggle. What works for me is not keeping any trigger foods in the house. I'd have to plan for it and go out and buy it.

    Cutting things out didn't work for me so this is a nice balance that has worked well for me over the years. I don't have easy access to it since it's not in the house, but I can still have it.

    Good luck!
  • staticsplitstaticsplit Posts: 505Member Member Posts: 505Member Member
    As above, if you demonise or overly restrict certain types of food it's easy to crave them more then binge. For some people moderating is easier than others. I aim for mostly whole foods that are nutrient dense because I like it. But quite often I will have a scone with clotted cream and jam when I go to a cafe. Or this weekend I am going to try out a cheesecake place with my friend. Nothing is off limits and it is much rarer for me to binge or feel guilty. Took work to get here. This time last year, I had bulimia.
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