Friends weight loss buddy’s in my area???

Hi I’m Linda I’m 45 and looking to make friends/weight loss buddies close to where I live so maybe we could meet up sometimes for a coffee and a chat swap meal ideas/diet tips ect. I’m originally from Liverpool im friendly bubbly fun love crafting and diy and would love someone who’s roughly in to the sane stuff as me.i know live in a place called werrington very close to stoke on trent so if you live in this area add me maybe we could become friends or if you just wanna be online buddies that’s fine too the more people in the same boat as me the better xxxx


  • ksharrell48
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    Hi, Linda; I'm Kristen and I live nowhere near you but I've friends in the Bebington area of the Wirral - I think that's not too far from you, yes? I live in Norfolk, VA but would love to be MFP friends with you:) xo
  • lindaevans4356
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    Hi hun sent you a friend request I think lol
  • ksharrell48
    ksharrell48 Posts: 168 Member
    You did, I got it and bingo, we're friends:)
  • nutmegoreo
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    Please be careful about providing too much information about yourself on the internet. There are a lot of creepy people out there.