How did you determine your goal weight?



  • tomica13
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    Please take the time to read this article from NPR on why the BMI is bogus.

    It is often better to go by waist vs. hips ratio. What are your ideal key body measurements? How's your cholesterol? I'm 5/10" and currently weight 183ish. I lift 4-5x/week and do a cardio ab day. I'm eating within my macros suggested to me by a fitness coach & bodybuilder who I trust.

    Just my 2 cents.....
  • cwolfman13
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    I never had a target or goal weight. I just wanted to not have a belly or love handles. I don't really care about a number, nor do I care about being super lean.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    @seltzermint555 Mine was much like hers. I remember the weight I felt strong, healthy, and comfortable at and so I have picked 170. My doctor's goal weight for me is 155 which will put me in the healthy BMI range, so when I make to 170 I will reevaluate and see what 155 might look/feel like for me.
  • mscanadianbakin
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    I'm just under 5'4 and according to the 'charts', I should be around 115-145. I'm 42 yrs old and 170 lbs at present and would be thrilled to get to 150 even though I know this is still considered heavy.
  • stricklee11
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    My goal weight is the weight I felt most attractive at (not too big not too skinny). For me, that was 150 lbs. TDEE calculators have my optimal weight between 142-146 lbs so depending on how I feel once I reach 150, I may go as low as 140 lbs before switching to maintenance.
  • Danp
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    While I remain overweight, my immediate goal has always just been 'less'. As long as I continue to weight less more often than not then I'm achieving my goal.

    As far as end goal is concerned I've always set this goal as what I currently see as achievable. The thing is this end goal keeps moving as I gain in confidence. When I was 160kg I just wanted to get back to 130kg. When I got there I wanted to get back to 120kg (so I could start cycling again and 120kg is about the weight limit for most bicycles). When I got there I wanted to get to 110kg which was my lowest previous weight.

    Now that I'm at 114kg, 110kg no longer felt like a stretch so I changed it to <99kg (to be in double figures for the first time in my adult life). But even that seems like I'm letting myself off too easy so I've determined to get to 83kg (top of healthy BMI range) and then get to 80kg just so I can say "I halved myself"
  • GemimaFitzTed
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    I've been on the weightloss journey before, so I know my optimal weight - the weight I feel the happiest, healthiest and the best - is at 60-63kg.

    During my first weightloss journey, I had no idea. I went as far down as 57kg, which is still in the healthy BMI range for my height - 168cm. But I didn't feel great. I went back up to 60-63kg and maintained at that weight for 4 years. I felt that was the right weight for me.
  • lemurcat2
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    I haven't yet. I'm 5'3, and the weight I liked best as an adult was 120 (when I was heavy into triathlon in my mid 30s). The weight I seem to maintain most easily is 125-130 (fluctuates). In that I'm a weight I like at 120, I'm happy there but would run faster and might look better thinner and also would be interested in trying lower body fat but heavier, I'm open so long as I'm improving my fitness. For a while I was 120-125 and working on recomp, but the trouble is I'm not unhappy at 125-130 so it's easy to let it slip. I'm back to focusing on fitness again and trying to lose a little but much more trying to improve my lifts and get back into running more. Will see what happens.