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Suddenly gaining weight on maintenance calories?

AddicteadAddictead Posts: 60Member Member Posts: 60Member Member
I'm mildly freaking out, I know that weight fluctuates but I weighed the highest I've been in months today. I weighed 129 and I was tracking/averaging 126 last month into the beginning of this month, I know I had 3 days way over my goals but for the last 2 weeks I've been around 1200-1700(averaging 1500) which is what I was eating earlier this month and not gaining. My measurements are a little bigger too actually so I think it's a little more than just fluctuations, My trend weight is up too

Only things I've changed is eating later in the day and maybe a little bit higher in carbs/sugar which I know can cause bloating for me but it's still nothing extremely out of the ordinary. I'm still weighing most things I eat, portions are more or less the same. My period has already started and been over for a few days so I don't think it's that...I really don't want to go onto a deficit again but if I keep going I might have to
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  • Diem78Diem78 Posts: 1,720Member Member Posts: 1,720Member Member
    I can fluctuate up to 5 lbs if I've eaten too much salt over the weekend or something. It's nothing to freak out about.
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  • csplattcsplatt Posts: 434Member Member Posts: 434Member Member
    so wait, your concerned for 3 lbs?

    This! It could just be food sitting in your intestines, honestly. This happens to me and if I go back into a “deficit” for like three says, it’s gone. That means it wasn’t fat gain. It was water retention or close to menstration or literally just food waste.
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