Why is it so hard

I have put on 30kg from starting university, sitting in front of a lap top and eating snacks. Completely stopped exercising. I graduate at the end of this year and so I want to look good for my graduation photos and get my weight back on track. I started dieting when I was last on placement (nursing, so I was constantly on my feet) and in 6 weeks I lost 5kg without exercise. I had a bit of a break and gained 2kg back. I have decided that I want to get to 90kg or under as I am going on a holiday in June. So I joined a gym, exercised every day and started eating 1200 calories per day. First week I lost 2.5kg. Wow! Second week I have gained weight. I feel so unmotivated. I feel like I am a failure who will always be fat. I look back at pictures of myself and long to be that thin again.
Any words of wisdom or encouragement will be appreciated. I just realise that I won’t hit my goal of being 90kg for my holiday because I leave in 2 weeks. I feel very deflated and down on myself right now.


  • dlkfox
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    The good news is you likely haven't gained any weight this week, just have some water retention. Weight loss is a trend not just one day's number.

    It's hard because of expectation. We want the weight gone fast but it didn't go on fast. You will get there but not by totally depriving yourself. Maybe 1200 calories a day is too aggressive especially with all the stress you're under at university.

    The time will pass anyway, so do what you can each day. Make small goals like just logging accurately each day.

    Good luck!
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    Every time I start a diet I lose weight the first week then nothing, zero, for the next couple of weeks and then I start loosing again, I think it’s the body adjusting to it 😊
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    Hey... Be nice to yourself too! I'm also trying to lose and exercise and it's hard! I've gone down to walking everyday but only doing other 3xercise every other day... I was exhausted!
    Don't get too tied that that horrible weighing machine 😱... If you've been 'good' then it will happen. And if you've slipped up just get back to it as soon as you can 👍
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    You're lucky... I've already gone 2 weeks and I havent lost anything 😑

    Perhaps you have a better regimen, diet, genetics etc etc than me. Use this to your advantage!! 2.5 kg is a lot! Well done!
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    The scale fluxuates don't let that stress you!! Keep at it work out eat right and your body will fall in line!! Don't give up!!! I had to weigh in daily to see the scale is only part of a progress report!! The weight # changes with what you eat and do!!! You got this!!!!
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    I feel your pain, I’m further down the line but I’ve hit a darn plateau or something because I’ve dropped 45 lbs with about 15-20 more to go, my body is just at a stop. Nope, no more , that’s all I’m letting go of , for SIX WEEKS now. Ugh. I am beyond annoyed at being stuck but just continuing to do what I’ve been doing. It’s such a process ...
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    @cmriverside thanks... I don’t think 1200 is too little as I want to lose 1kg a week and I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day! When I gym I usually work out for 30 mins high intensity. I log my calories accurately (weigh food and also scan packets) and also over estimate my calories.
    I have had a bad weekend and feel pretty *kitten* but I know I need to change my mind set from thinking “I want to lose weight” to “I want to be healthy” and the results will follow. Positive thinking haha
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    If you think of it as hard, it is.

    If you think of it as a daily plan of eating XXXX calories of well-rounded nutrition and getting in a walk on most days, then it is just life. One day at a time.

    1200 calories is way too low, though.
    • Set your goals at, "Lose 1 pound per week."
    • Set your Activity Level at "Lightly Active" (or even the next higher Activity Level, you are probably on the cusp of that)
    • Log your food using the most accurate method you can (food scale when possible)
    • Log purposeful exercise on the Exercise page and eat more on those days
    Under eating is going to affect your school work if you continue.

    This is very good advice.

    But let’s talk about how it starts- a plan. You need a weight loss plan.

    Try to get a bit of separation between you and your plan. You are not your plan. You, like all of us people, are a complex individual. There’s more to you than the number on the scale. And although weight loss is a particularly vexing problem, there’s more to you than how effectively you’ve addressed this before now.

    There’s no basis to declare yourself a failure just because of your weight. Or because you haven’t solved this set of problems before now. Sounds like you had other priorities. Give yourself a break.

    So make yourself a plan starting with the things @cmriverside suggested. Give yourself plenty of time for the calorie counting learning curve. Set up a test period of about 6 weeks. Then take what you learned and make your plan better. Never quit adjusting and tweaking your plan. Even if your find your effort seems to fall apart completely, your plan can be made better going forward.

    Calorie counting works. Start a food diary and log everything no matter what, good, bad or ugly. If you don’t know the calories for something, make a good faith estimate and keep going. Don’t wreck yourself over the time issue like a lot of people do. You can do this. Good luck.
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    I agree, 1200 is too low. If you're working out 4 or 5 days a week you'll need more food to fuel your workouts. Also, consider intermittent fasting and carb cycling. You can find info on these online. If you're only doing cardio you may want to add weights to your work out. Building muscle helps you burn calories more efficiently. Keep it up-don't give up!
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    1200 is way too low and not sustainable long term. Trust me, I've tried. Did well for a few days but then inevitably crashed and ended up binging on all the wrong foods, undoing all my hard work. Set MFP to 1/2 kg a week and you will have a much more realistic plan and less painful!