Where do I start and how do I stay motivated?

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Hello, I'm new at this MyFitnessPal stuff but I feel it might be the little extra help I need to get things back in order. I'm 32 and I used to be motivated and go to the gym, eat well and keep myself in shape but since last summer, I fell off my good habits and routines so I've gained lots of fat and lost a lot of muscle mass. I am looking for female friends, in a similar situation or not for moral support and help me get started. I'd like to chat about positive way to stay motivated and encourage each other to be our best selves.


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    Start by logging your (weighed) food. Make small changes that you can stick to. Then they become habits and you don't need to be motivated to stick to them. If you want to add exercise, it works the same way. Find something you enjoy so that you're inclined to stick to it. There will be plenty of days when you're not motivated, but if you look at it as "what you do," you'll show up more often.
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    When motivation is low, that is when self-discipline comes in. Look into that, and see if it doesn't help. Plenty of books and websites out there, so you can find approaches and wisdom that speak to you and techniques that work for you! Best wishes!!
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    Hi there!

    I'm 28, female and just started my journey for what feels like the hundreth time. Determined to make this work this time. I've got about 50 kilos to lose, and lost my first one last week. Might've gained a bit now during easter though :tongue:

    Feel free to add me if you want to chat for some motivation, I'll do my best to answer :smile:
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    You can add me
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    You can add me.
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    Add me! I am working on discipline!
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    Start with what you know and at the same time also start with what you don't know and work at that.

    You say you used to go to the gym? right? Pick that right back up since you're comfortable with that routine and environment.

    You also say you used to healthy? Right? Get back to those eating habits.

    What may be new is logging your food...and that is educational ...as you'll learn what you ate that put the weight on you. You cut that out..and eat more of the stuff that is lower in calories.

    simple as that.. you can do it!
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    Here is a good thread to read:

    personally i don't rely on motiviation. because that will fail you now and then. I rely on a good routine, preparation and eating a reasonable deficit without banning all foods i enjoy. Basically i make the process reasonably enjoyable.