Runners - How many days a week do you run?

I am halfway through the C210K program. It recommends only three days a week - taking a day off in between. I know the body has to recover, but I want to run more! Does anybody run 5 days a week? ... or at least run days back to back?


  • mimaduck83
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    The rest days are VITAL! Especially if you are a relatively new runner (as I am). I run every other day and have a 30 min brisk walk on the "sunday" if that makes sense? Be careful not to try to do too much too soon and injure yourself! Slowly catchy monkey!
  • jamie31
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    I run mondays, wednesdays, Friday and Saturdays. I have been doing this for over a year and havent had any problems with my knees or anything ( i have had 4 knee surgeries)
  • CaptainMFP
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    I run four days (usually MWFSa), bike on TuTh, and rest on Sunday. I never do more than two hard (i.e. really long or really fast) runs in a week and always take easier runs the other days. I'm also new (been running since June and am doing my first 5K tomorrow) and this has worked well for me.
  • SirBen81
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    2 or 3
  • Do the 3 days for now. After you make it through the 20 minute run, up it as much as you like. I run4-6 days a week, depending on my schedule. I PLAN to run 4, but always end up doing more if I can squeeze it in.
  • countrymom1
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    I run four days (usually MWFSa), bike on TuTh, and rest on Sunday. I never do more than two hard (i.e. really long or really fast) runs in a week and always take easier runs the other days. I'm also new (been running since June and am doing my first 5K tomorrow) and this has worked well for me.

    Good luck on your first 5K! I am running one at the end of September.
  • B3Streeter
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    I'm training for a half marathon, my 1st one! & I run Mondays & Wednesdays 3-5miles. Then Saturday is my long run, this week, 7miles.
  • Sj20fame
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    I would run 5 days a week, but developed Shin splints! They hurt so much! so I had to rest for a whole week and half, Now I'm only jogging 3 days a week:) my legs feel a lot better
  • meli_medina
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    I generally always, always, always, give myself a day of rest in between each run. I will often walk on my days off, but mostly always at a leisure pace. Sometimes I play around with my run days and will not take a full rest day during the week... so run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, then take that Sunday off. I usually do that leading up to a race, though. :)
  • AggieCass09
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    I run 3x a week but I do other activities in the middle...check out my schedule here:

    it is SO important to also incorporate strength training and some sort of stretching (i.e. yoga) to complement running.

    also, every 4 weeks I have an active recovery running week where instead of doing the mileages listed above, I do 3-5 mile "Easy" runs 3x a week...its a good way to give your body a rest with out actually resting.

    Taking at least one complete rest day, NO NOTHING, is important too. If you are sore, another rest day may be just what your body needs

    good luck and feel free to friend me with additional questions!
  • nuttyfamily
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    Rest days are VERY important.

    I did the C25k...three days a week.

    After that and increased my distance to a 10k by only doing three days a week.

    I tried to run more often but found that I went slower and I had better runs with rest days inbetween!

    Currently for my half plan, it is four days a week but two of the runs are three mile EASY pace ones.
  • countrymom1
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    Thanks for the ideas, everyone. I had a really good run yesterday. I had been stuck on week 7 day 1 of C210K and FINALLY conquered it yesterday. I guess I will lay off running today and do some walking. --- and then another great run tomorrow! :-)
  • ken1994
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    I do run 5-6 times a week but at least 2 -3 times it is short interval training. I do have tired legs sometimes but I am with you I love running. I started out on the treadmill x3 a week because I was to embarrassed to run outside, now I cannot stand running on the treadmill and love being outside. Just have fun, good luck!
  • msarro
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    When you first start you really need to take a rest day between each run. After you've upped your mileage and your body is really used to it, you can start thinking about running daily. Your body will tell you when that is... if you're still mid-C210k you're not there yet :)

    When I was working on my half marathon training I was running daily, and even then every day started getting harder and harder until you could barely run a 5k. The rest days completely rejuvinated me.

    Some elite runners actually run 2x a day, but neither you or I are at that class :)
  • horseryder77
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    I started running in June.. and I have a half marathon in September (I know.. ridiculous right?) And at first I was following the plan of running 5 days a week. Mostly because the girl I'm "training" with (she just checks up on me and does the intermediate version of my plan) runs 6 days a week and does great.
    Then, last week, my runs got worse and worse. It got to the point where at one point I was running 6.5 no problem, to barely being able to run .7 mile. So, I took an entire week off-resolved to not run the whole half- and now I am back in it. I just ran 4 yesterday, and am going to take today off, then attempt my long run either tomorrow or Sunday.

    Listen to your body-that's the best advice I can give you. If you feel like you can do 4 days a week, do it. But if your body starts to protest like mine did, then give it some time off. You'll come back stronger than ever.
    Good luck! :)
  • runningathena
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    I generally run 3-4 days a week. I tried for 5 and it was a disaster (and I've been running for almost 5 years). Everyone is different, so start out small and work your way up. Best of luck!
  • igora_soma
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    I run 3x a week, I'm hoping to incorporate 4 but I might choose to do yoga one day instead! I know what you mean about feeling good about a run when you've been struggling, but it's good to have rest days in between! :)
  • CALake
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    I run 3 times a week, with other cardio or weight days in between. It's important to mix it up!
  • datzun
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    I run 5 days a week. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri (switch up between regular pace and HIIT...both for 30 mins, which is about 3.7 miles for me currently) and Sun (where I run for 50 mins, which is about 5.8 miles for me currently).

    Wednesday and Saturday are 'rest' days...but I still do some light strength training on those days.
  • MaruManic
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    I run daily, and am doing the c25k. I've had no problems. Occasionally I take a rest day if my body feels like it needs it. On average that's about once every 2 or 3 weeks. If you feel like you can do more, do it. Just be safe, and if your body starts talkin, listen. If something starts to hurt, rest. No shame in that.

    :) good luck.