What are your favorite leggings?

I am thinking about investing in some quality leggings once I hit my goal weight of 140 lbs. My favorite brand, 90 degrees, no longer have the same quality leggings as before. They were such an easy purchase of $20-25 at Marshall's! Now they keep rolling down during my lift and HIIT sessions.

I am currently eyeing the Lululemon in movement tight everlux. Is there something out there better.. for cheaper? Are Lululemons really as great as everyone make them out to be?

Anything by Nike and Addidas has always been a huge letdown.


  • bethann51774
    bethann51774 Posts: 19 Member
    I have been wanting to try Lululemon as well. My 17 year old daughter loves them - but she’s like 105 lbs! She wears them for hours of dance and says they are comfy and hold up well.

    I really like Athleta. Compared to Old Navy, the Athleta leggings (I think they’re actually called tights) wash up better and don’t get sweaty and stinky during a tough workout. I love the 7/8 length since I’m short. Happy Shopping!
  • Sharon_C
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    I was going to recommend 90 Degrees LOL. They're my favorite. I buy mine on Amazon
  • kew1952
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    I don't know if you have CVS drug stores in your area but they carry leggings for 6.99. I love them.... they are ultra soft and flattering. I get more compliments on them than my more expensive ones.
  • apullum
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    I run in Under Armour capris.
  • sammidelvecchio
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    I really like the Fabletics high waisted 7/8 powerhold leggings. I've never worn anything better. I am too big for lululemon so I am not sure how they compare to those but I know they're cheaper LOL
  • New_Heavens_Earth
    New_Heavens_Earth Posts: 610 Member
    Under Armour, Joy Lab (Target brand), and 90 Degrees.
  • karen1anello
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    My favorites are Zella and Avocado brands (both in the high waisted versions even though I'm on the thinner side). They tend to be expensive, but you can often find them at a huge discount and Nordstrom Rack or online (Ruelala is a great source). I love them so much that this is my very first post :)
  • GoobertozTakoz
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    I really like the Bally Total Fitness Leggings I get. They've help up well for me, I buy them at Ross.
  • sarajean1976
    sarajean1976 Posts: 5 Member
    TekGear from Kohl's are my favorite!
  • WickedPineapple
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    My favorites are balance collection. I usually get them from TJ Maxx. They were my first pair of running leggings and that first pair just started getting holes last month. I've been wearing them regularly for running, base layer, etc. for 5 years. I wear them as pj pants now. I like that they're soft, aren't too long (I'm short), and don't roll down.
  • SCoil123
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    I love my lululemons and got most of my pairs off of Poshmark gently used for a much lower price
  • alondrakar
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    Thank you all! I am looking into these tonight and will probably do some window shopping on Ebay or Poshmark if I do decide on the Lulus.

    Has anyone tried Gymshark by any chance?
  • prachichandrana7447
    prachichandrana7447 Posts: 1 Member
    Check out oalka on amazon....I had zella but this is better!
  • wmweeza
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    I wear Champion C9 leggings. There's probably better ones but I liked the first pair I bought so I keep using that same brand
  • Psychgrrl
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    Depends on what I'm doing ...

    For yoga, I love Fabletics (seamless or cashel leggings specifically) or Alo Yoga's Goddess legging.

    For lifting/hiking I love Fabletics powerhold anything or Vimmia (I'm not sure if it's the seams or the fabric or both, but they make my butt look AWESOME!).

    For hiking/water I love werkshop. Northern California based company has a triathlon line that is so supportive and they dry quickly when wet (they also have a terrific athleisure line). A bonus for hiking with water hazards or on the beach. And she hand draws her own designs and they're freakin' AMAZING!

    Cardio is usually Fabletics. About 80-85% of my gear is Fabletics. I love the prices, the way it wears, and the monthly membership thing is fine with me.

    I've heard good things about GymShark from friends, but have never tried them myself.

    Thredup (online resale) has good deals as does yogaoutlet.com
  • amyepdx
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    Another vote for Athleta - the fit is great and they stay up and wick moisture excellently.
  • jiggyj9
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    The tights I always end up wearing until they are about to fall off are my Old Navy tights!
  • whoami67
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    I've bought Zella and know a lot of people who like them. Right now, I'm loving the Oalka ones from Amazon. I bought one pair, then two days later ordered more. They get great reviews and many reviewers compare them favorably to Lululemon.
  • whmscll
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    I just bought some at Costco (capris) which are awesome and completely non see-through. $15 online.