To drink coffee or not to drink coffee?

I have a friend that has been inspiring me to try and get fit he said coffee is really bad besides the caffine it has I forget what type of acid he said but it opens up your muscles and makes them retain to much water. Is it really worth not having it?!!! Is that the same about Tea!!! He put me on a green drink which is not at all that bad but I miss my coffee. The green drink is as follows:

2 hand fulls of raw spinach
1 bannana
1 handfull frozen strawberries
1 handfull frozen blueberries
1 avacado
1 juice from grapefruit
1 juice frome lime
and a little water
blend and sip throughout morning (serves as breakfast)

It gives me good energy but I am in sales and it does not put me on hyper drive like 4 cups of coffee.


  • CraftyJenguin
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    Sounds good. I may have to try it.
  • Have you figured out the calorie count in this drink?
  • bachooka
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    This is another matter of opinion thing. Some nutritionists believe that if you have less than three cups a day (with minimal milk and no sugar) it is beneficial to your metabolism....and when I drink a tonne of tea (HATE coffee), I always see a nice number on the scale the next day. its a diuretic so it flushes water from your system.
  • kristinaohno
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    i don't think coffee is THAT bad, but what do i know? when i used to do Weight Watchers, you were allowed to have it and i believe, with no sugar or creamer, it was 0 points. so i think if you have it, but not a lot of it and watch what you put in it, you would be ok.
  • kimmerroze
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    You are going to get 100 people that say coffee is good for you and there is nothing wrong with it. And you are going to get just as many that say it is bad...

    My opinion is that it is bad for you. People survived without it, and the only reason people have to drink 4 cups of coffee to stay away is because they are addicted to it and just like any other addiction, pretty soon four cups isn't enough and you have to bump it up to five.

    If it can cause an addiction be it mentally or physically, then it is bad in my book.
  • im in sales & drink shakeology , im hyped all day
  • bcattoes
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    There have been numerous studies on coffee and none have proved it to be unhealthy. It will hydrate you, and the caffeine does increase your metabolism for a bit. Personally, I don't drink it because I don't like the taste. But if you want to drink it, drink it.
  • ChrisFA5
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    Hmm, I don't know about the drink, but I'm never giving up coffee. I did the whole south beach ting and didn't cut it out even though they recommended it.
  • coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Everything is 'bad' if you ask the right person.
  • jpaden
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    I really think the answer is 'all things in moderation'. 4 cups a day might be overkill and interfering with your water intake but ONE cup of coffee- go for it!
  • wjkirby
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    You can have my coffee cup when you pry it out of my dead lifeless hands. I've given up cigarettes, cigars, alcohol, pot, sex (wife's idea). No freakin' way am I giving up coffee. You might as well shoot me.
  • deadstarsunburn
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    I read studies that black coffee is good for you. However I agree with the above, everything is "bad" for you lol
  • chantel14
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    I have always heard black coffee is good for you because it stimulates your metabolism first thing in the morning... Its just the creamer you should avoid
  • MelissaL582
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    I'm not giving up my coffee. I'm a stay at home mom of 3 kids- enough said ;-) I do drink Folgers half caffeine with a light creamer.
  • lizziebeth1028
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    My opinion - one cup of coffee a day is not gonna kill you or bust a diet plan. The key to everything is moderation moderation moderation!!!!!!! No one ever got obese drinking one cup of coffee everyday.

    I get a dunkin donuts medium coffee with a dab of cream and half packet of sugar every morning. May not be the healthiest of choices....but it sure makes my mornings a bit easier:)))
  • JesaGrace
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    I don't think that it's the coffee that's bad.....its just that most people put junk in it....therefore making it bad for the time I've put what I want in it....It's like liquid candy......sugar&cream with a little bit of coffee
  • kriswigg
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    I'm not sure I'd get going without my coffee. I guess that is the addiction thing, or maybe it's just psychological. Anything I've ever read said that a little was OK, one or two cups a day. All things in moderation.
  • Try decaf, tastes the same and is so much better for you. With that being said be sure to read the ingredients and get one that is naturally decaffeinated. If your in Canada good ol timmys.
  • BobbyDaniel
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    sorry, coffee snob and a caffeine junkie here. No coffee would mean a death some where by my needing a caffeine fix hands, lol!