I've been doing 30DS & I'm 10 days in and..

Can already see some results, and I was super excited so I thought I'd post them and let you guys be the judge. Thanks for looking!



  • Kytana
    Kytana Posts: 63
    Great job - keep iit up!
  • jagh09
    jagh09 Posts: 555 Member
    Wow! You can really see it around your back and stomach. Congratulations! Keep up the great work!
  • MayMaydoesntrun
    MayMaydoesntrun Posts: 805 Member
    I can absolutely see changes! Bravo, girl!! Keep it up!!
  • Julijulz
    Julijulz Posts: 119 Member
    Definitely can see results!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • awesome! great job!
  • robinso5
    robinso5 Posts: 310 Member
    Cant see them but CONGRATS! keep it up imagine how you will look when you are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rcb722
    rcb722 Posts: 19 Member
    You look great, and you can for sure see a difference! I'm going to start again on Monday with the 30DS- hopefully I'll have the same great results! I love 30DS. When you finish with that one, you should try Ripped in 30- very tough workout, but I felt like it was a good step up from 30DS.
  • AHealthierRhonda
    AHealthierRhonda Posts: 881 Member
    Definitely see results! I did 30ds for about 22 days then lost it during level 3. I just restarted it again and am hoping to see more results Like I saw from the first go at it! You're doing a terrific job!!!!
  • awesome job!!! Keep up the great work!!
  • kelliehaley
    kelliehaley Posts: 9 Member
    Good for you! You look great and have now given me some needed motivation...THANKS!!!
  • kunibob
    kunibob Posts: 608 Member
    Wow!! I'd be impressed if that was after the full 30 days, but only 10?? Holy wow!
  • You can really see it around the dip in your waist and your back....i need to do this!!
  • Oh that is great. I am on LV1 day 4 tonight and I can't wait to start seeing results. :)
  • MrsPike07
    MrsPike07 Posts: 160
    I can see a difference in your back and belly for sure!! Great work, keep it up! I am just starting the 30 day shred now and am having issues with being sore but I am going to push through and work it because I see your results!!! :) Thanks!
  • bens_mommy
    bens_mommy Posts: 219
    Oh my goodness! I just started today and let me tell you, you have given me MAJOR inspiration!
  • Fairysoul
    Fairysoul Posts: 1,388 Member
    Thats great!
  • smurfette75
    smurfette75 Posts: 854 Member
    Thanks for sharing. I'm starting 30DS on Monday.
  • Brownski860
    Brownski860 Posts: 361 Member
    fantastic work!
  • jenblowsbubblez
    jenblowsbubblez Posts: 112 Member
    wow!!!! that is super!!!! keep it up!!!! (i'm on level two and eeeeesh! LOL
  • romade188
    romade188 Posts: 88 Member
    YAY!! That's AWESOME!! I just finished my 10th day today, and I can def feel a difference.. Keep up the great work!!