Weighing every day

A physician friend who has never had weight issues told me he weighs himself every day when he gets up. It helped him keep from letting extra poundage pile up. I started doing this as part of my weight loss/ management plan and it has been helpful, although weight may vary up to 3 lb from morning to morning. Most recommendations are to weigh once a week, but the daily weigh-in has helped keep me focused. Anyone else had success with this?


  • AprilMLowe
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    I have success weighing everyday in terms of weight shifts and trends. I try to weigh the same time every morning and have had good results !
  • Madison9776
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    I've been weighing in every day too, it helps me keep on track more so than just once a week. It also helps me notice trends which is helpful.
  • bwhitty67
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    Daily weigher 😬. I use happy scale and for me it helps me stay on track. It’s not in an obsessive way just something that works for me.
  • texasredreb
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    I weigh daily. It's working for me.
  • kkjesq
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    I also weigh myself daily. It’s like tracking your food, it keeps you aware and in the moment. If you weigh yourself weekly, it might be one of those days when you’re up or down 3 pounds and could change your food intake behaviors for the next week. If you weigh daily, you can get a better feel for your overall average weight.
  • Jackie9003
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    I like to weigh daily, I find the stats interesting.
  • LyndaBSS
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    If you weigh weekly and are “up” or stagnant on weigh-in day because of water retention or other fluctuations, it can be super discouraging. You think you haven’t lost anything when maybe you have, it is just being masked that day by water weight. So I like to weigh daily.

    This, I understand the fluctuations and it keeps me on track even if my weight goes up , I dont ever get discouraged weighing daily.

  • Girlheidi
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    Jackie9003 wrote: »
    I like to weigh daily, I find the stats interesting.

    Me too.

    Still losing, coming up on a year now. Lost 34lbs just 10 or so to go so I know it will be very slow and steady and so I want it to continue slowly downwards.

    I have a wifi scale and its seamless to sync the data.

    Large fluctuations with the cycle and I like to keep an eye, plus I love cake and ice cream! But just within the allotted calories. Set to loose 0.5lb per week. Its working for me😀
  • ginnytez
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    Agree with others. Daily weigh-ins are helpful to me. I use Happy scale to watch the trends and that is also very helpful.
  • AmyMCGS
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    I weigh daily, but don't count it as a true loss/ gain until Ive seen it on the scale 2-3 days in a row. That's usually enough for me to know id it's just a fluctuation or a true change.
  • QoLmatters
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    I weigh in every day too - it keeps me motivated but I try not to compare until its been a week. So I congratulate or console myself on Sundays when I compare my weight to the previous Sunday. :smiley:
  • koalathebear
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    I weigh every day, too although only tend to log/check-in my weight on the weekend. If I gain weight back, I tend to log that, too just so that MFP has an accurate account of my weight. I'm not too fussed with the ups and downs as I've discovered that my body seems to respond well to exercise, so if I go up a bit, I can usually get back on track by just a little more cardio and cutting back on the snacks.