Take #1000

Here I go again, probably for the thousandth time... I've gained so much weight since university. 12 years later I'm more than 60lbs heavier. I love food so much, it's so hard to diet. It doesn't help that I'm an ICU nurse working 12 hour graveyard shifts 4 times a week. I'm always hungry, always tired. And that's without kids yet! I can't imagine how it'll be when those things come around. Only difference is that this time I've paired with a personal trainer. My motivation for the upcoming year is my cousin's wedding and I'm one of the bridesmaid! I know it'll be a long journey. I used to be 115-125lbs before. I'm 180lbs now, and my goal is 140lbs. I'm hoping the extra weight is MUSCLES. Wish me luck guys, and good luck to all of you out there with your own unique goals!