What New Things have you down since your lost weight....................

pkweier Posts: 349 Member
I thought this would be interesting to see what new activities/food you have tried since you lost your weight.

I found that since I lost my weight 200 pounds gone I am more daring to try new stuff. I'm wearing bright clothes more now no more hiding behind black and dark clothing. I enjoy the outside more and need to move instead of sit. I have even been known to ride a roller coaster or two where that never happened before.

What new things have you done?


  • long_for_me
    long_for_me Posts: 175 Member
    I started to wear scarves! I loke the look and the choices!
  • pkweier
    pkweier Posts: 349 Member
    I love reading all the way people have tried new things.
  • rlfrausto
    rlfrausto Posts: 23 Member
    I walk at lunch and on weekends.
  • seltzermint555
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    lalabank wrote: »
    This is fun! I’ve lost 90lbs and gone from 242 to 152. I’m working on the next 30lbs.

    I wear really bright lipstick now!

    I experienced the dancing at a concert thing last week and had a blast @seltzermint555

    I road on the back of my husband’s motorcycle (our total weight had been too high)

    YES!!! *high five*
  • mnbell2013
    mnbell2013 Posts: 45 Member
    I've lost nearly 55lbs and began running almost a year ago. In that time I've run a 5k, a 10k and will hopefully be completing a half marathon in October.

    I feel like a different person because I went from wearing long pants, tee shirts and hoodies year-round to wearing fun dresses and painting my nails bright colors (former nail biter so this is new, too).

    Great job everyone!!