100 day milestone

sueann10 Posts: 74 Member
So yesterday I hit 100 days of logging into My Fitness Pal. :#

I am well chuffed but most of all, I've lost 24lbs since the beginning of Jan when I first started.

This is my second time with MFP and it is an excellent tool. Coupled with C25K, I am now running 45mins straight, the pounds are flying off! I am so happy about this :D At the beginning of the year I could no longer run for the bus.

Still some way to go but I am surprised by how easy it's been this round. I cut out processed foods back in January and mid February decided to cut out drinking as my stomach shrank so much. Off for Easter hols soon so of course, I will have a few drinks in the sun but plan ordering by the glass rather than the bottle as before :) and only at meal times. It is amazing to see the scale go downhill this round and not up and down as before.

Don't be afraid to make changes for yourself to live a happier and healthier life. Little changes now will certainly add up. I look and feel so fantastic and not even near my goal weight but looking forward to the journey and challenging myself.

Ignore the times when the scale does not move and just try on clothes instead. You will be amazed that even though the scale is not moving, your body is transitioning and inches are being lost which is even more important.

I live by the following words: Some quit due to slow progress, never grasping the fact that slow progress is progress :)


  • accebersmith
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    Congratulations on your progress! You've obviously been working hard toward your goals. Keep it up!
  • sueann10
    sueann10 Posts: 74 Member
    Thank you!! 33lbs lost now and nearing the 200 day marker for logging. 😁